Friday, March 19, 2010

Anna is 3 years 5 months old.


It’s been a good week except for the fact that both my husband and I are sick with a nasty recurring colds for 3 weeks now. Usually we take turns, but we were both miserable for a couple days this week. Luckily, daughter is staying healthy and energetic. She took the time change well, since she developed the habit of waking up before 7 am lately, which was driving her father crazy. Now it became closer to 8 again, which is a lot easier to handle. We had some night wakings and frantic searches for “cuddle friends” in the middle of the night for the first few nights in the big girl bed, but things are looking up now – the last two nights she slept through. Same cannot be said about parents – we were waking up every two hours because of our stuffed noses.Maisy Takes a Bath

Reading and Phonics. We usually go to the library on Saturday for story time, and Anna picks the books to read by herself. This week she was on Maisy and Spot kick bringing about 10 different titles from the library. Together we are still reading through Minarik’s Little Bear series. We are in Advanced Phonics – Book 5 and learning about “rule breakers”. I had some concerns about this difficult topic, but Anna just flies through that because of her extensive sight vocabulary. It’s interesting how phonics and sight reading just merged naturally for her.


Math. We did some counting activities this week with our Addition War games and played a whole lot of Shapes-Up. We were also working on the concept of odd and even – something that Anna picked up very easily, especially after reading one of our “living math” books Missing Mittens. We had some hits and misses with MathStart series, but this book is definitely a hit.


Social Studies. It was an Irish week here. We learned about the country of Ireland, looked at maps, read books, hunted for clovers in our park and did Irish crafts. Anna was very excited when a leprechaun sneaked into her preschool classroom during recess and sprinkled green glitter everywhere. I really like it how her school can make these special days very memorable for children.


Fine Motor Skills and Arts. It was a pretty crafty week for Anna. She brought a few interesting projects from school and also did several structured projects for Irish week. Her favorite part was poking holes in this cardboard box with a skewer and the craft with the contact paper. She just loves contact paper and scotch tape and usually not too thrilled when she has to glue something.


Gross motor skills. The weather was beautiful this week – the warm spring has come. We spent a lot of time in our neighborhood park. It has sort of a small hill, and Anna watched bigger kids rolling off it turning around and around. Of course, she had to try it too. Well, next day she had an ugly rash around her midsection – I am thinking some sort of contact allergy. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and as energetic as ever. Boy, I wish I could borrow some of her energy sometimes!

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

With the exception of your colds, it sounds like an excellent week.

S said...

Those lingering colds are the worst. I hope you are feeling much better soon!

Ticia said...

Ugh, I hate lingering colds. They just seem to last forever and ever.

Debbie said...

Great Week! Glad to hear that Anna is adjusting to her new bed. I love the picture of her working so intentively on her art project.

legendswife said...

I always tell folks that I wish I could have some of my kids energy too! All natural, caffeine-free:)

MaryAnne said...

Where do kids get all their energy? It sounds like Anna had a wonderful week, and I hope you and your husband feel better soon!

We got the CSN game today, thank you! Johnny completely ignored the rules, but I think Emma could enjoy playing it correctly if I can find something else for Johnny to do... And, they both enjoy just using it as a puzzle.

Pathfinder Mom said...

Moms totally should get sick days. Hope that you all feel better soon!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

We love Missing Mittens. My son also enjoyed this game:
for practicing with even and odd numbers.