Friday, March 12, 2010


We had a good week with a lot of independent play, reading and games. Alas, it was a “no-nap” week again, so our time together was limited. Anna’s theme in preschool was Pond Life. We took it easy in our geography studies and traveled around Earth in books and games. Anna and papa went to IKEA and got her a big girl bed that it is to be set up today – she is very excited about it.Little Bear Visit

Reading. Anna spent a lot of time reading independently this week. It’s her idea of “playing by herself” – she builds herself a nest out of pillows and then sits with about 10 books and reads them. She is now at the stage where she can technically read any book, but of course she prefers picture books. We read another book from Little Bear series this week during our evening “read together” time and also finished book 4 in Advanced Progressive Phonics.


Math. Anna enjoyed playing with her geoboard. She also loves making “soups” and “teas” with all her manipulatives – soup usually has counting erasers, acorns, buttons, and pompoms. Occasionally she gets an urge to sort and count those. I tried to introduce “parts of a number” to her (like what two numbers will make, say, 5), but she was very sporadic in her answers and eventually clearly stated that she doesn’t want to do it.


Social Studies/Geography. We spent some time again this week talking about the world. We talked about landmarks – natural and man-made. So far Anna really knows three – Eiffel Tower, Egyptian Pyramids and Statue of Liberty. We will continue retreating into “Earth review” every so often – daughter is still very much confused about the whole “country vs continent” distinction.


Fine Motor Skills/Prewriting. In my attempt to encourage letter formation, I got Anna this set of ABC’s Write-and-Wipe cards. She loved the writing on the cards, but was utterly uninterested in actual tracing. I don’t think that it came as a huge surprise to me, but still we practiced writing letter L for a while, and I could appreciate the challenge of not making the horizontal line stretch along an entire page. I can see that learning to write will be a much longer road here than learning to read.


Gross Motor Skills. Daughter loves going to the park and sometimes get adventurous enough to try “big kids’ tricks”. She was very proud when she could balance on the seesaw and make it move. Her favorite games at home always involve jumping – I mentioned before that she is a pretty decent jumper for her height. We need to play more throwing games – she really “throws like a girl” :)

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Christy said...

I like the picture of her at the playground. Cute!

Kim said...

Great week! Phenomenal reading - it's great that she enjoys it so much! Good luck with the big girl bed! I ordered Kiwi and Pear last night! Can't wait to see it!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We've got to get with it on the big girl bed thing, too. The girls want bunkbeds, so all four of them can share a room together - I'm pretty sure that will be the end to any actual sleeping at naptime, as well. Anna's reading level is really outstanding.

MaryAnne said...

Anna might not like writing letters, but she's a stellar reader! Funny how kids pick interests like that. I'm also impressed that she could balance on the teeter totter like that.

Ticia said...

We really need to get on the ball and get Princess a big girl bed, but I'm dragging my feet about it. Her quilt is in lots of pieces in the sewing room.....
Two things that helped my kids express interest in writing (in case this helps): the Kumon uppercase workbook, and Handwriting without tears prek workbook. Both do lots of practice the strokes pages before moving to making the actual letters.

Debbie said...

Looks like another great week! I bet Anna is excited for her big girl bed. Selena moved into her toddler bed at age 1. We are just waiting for dry nights to set up her twin bed.

We are using the Kumon Workbooks here for writing, I let Selena use a pencil, then she also gets to practice the letters by erasing her pencil marks as well. She loves that part, to write them with the pencil, then erase them, double the practice!

Jolanthe said...

The 'throws like a girl' comment cracked me up! :)

You can always use those write and wipe cards to make playdough letters in also! We've been playing with some here this week too!

Brandie said...

I love how both our girls like to make funny how it's the little things with kids!

Great job on reading, just be patient with writing (I'm trying to be patient with reading). It'll come!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

She is learning so much!