Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Flower Rainbows

Take Your Kids on a Spring Color Hunt

Flower Hunt

Spring comes early to Silicon Valley where we live, and we have a March tradition – we go on a flower photo hunt. The goal is to find and photograph flowers of every color, and we never have difficulties in finding them. Our garden has many colors too, but we are missing beautiful oranges of California poppies. Luckily, our neighbors down the street have a “wild flower” garden where we can admire native plants all year long.

A Flower Petal Rainbow

Flower Rainbow

We ask our three year old not to pick flowers in other people’s gardens without permission, but for this project I handed her a small pail and instructed her to  find all colors of rainbow in our own garden. She was singing a rainbow song that she learned in preschool as she was going about it and had a wonderful time selecting her flowers. I wish we could do a better job identifying our flowers – I am ashamed to admit that I don’t know the names for half of them, and we also discussed different shades of the same color. I expected Smarty to ask why different flowers have different colors, but she didn’t. However, I was wondering about it myself and was prepared with an answer for her that I found here.


Flower Rainbow in Books

Spring Books for Kids

Planting a Rainbow by Louis Ehlert is a great book to read before or after a spring color hunt. It also works very well if you are preparing to plant flowers. Smarty loved this book more than Eating the Alphabet, because, in her words, she likes growing flowers more than eating vegetables.

Rainbow Activities and St Patrick’s Day

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    Elise said...

    I love Spring - the colors in the garden and flowers blooming - so special, so beautiful.

    Making a collage with flowers from your garden would have been a lovely way to celebrate spring. Contact gets a lot of use around here too.

    The Snail and the Whale sounds like a book that I think Savvy might enjoy.

    I have really enjoyed all of your photos with Anna.

    We're also enjoying lovely temperatures and are now able to spend more time outside. I think Sav and Blake would prefer to be outside from morning till night if they could.

    Debbie said...

    I love this project. I will have to remember it when our flowers get in full bloom here.

    MaryAnne said...

    Your sun catcher is so pretty! I'm envious of your good weather - we had SNOW on Friday and flowers are nowhere in sight...

    An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

    Beautiful sun catcher! Thanks for the link about the flower pigment too, I'm sure it will come in handy in another month, or so, when our flowers bloom :)

    Ticia said...

    How FUN! The sun catcher turned out so pretty, and that is such a great project!
    Isn't it funny when we actually prepare the answer, they don't ask, but when we haven't.......

    Cindy said...

    This is so wonderful. We have some crocus that we could use. Thanks for the idea.

    Susana said...

    This collage is beautiful Natalie. I really like the colors of the flowers.

    Anonymous said...

    I definitely want to try something like this with Tornado Boy once we have more stuff in bloom in the yard. I have contact paper just waiting for such a project.