Sunday, March 7, 2010

Planet Earth

Mar5_Matryoshka_SM This week we were visiting Russia. Anna thinks that I came from Russia, which is not entirely true. I was born and raised in Belarus, which is now an independent country. However, I felt that it will be more interesting for her to learn about Russia first. I am focusing my country hops now mostly around three things – books, toys/games and food that comes from this country.


Ideally, I would really love to add “art” to the list of things that we learn about the country, but Anna is pretty clear about her lack of interest in structured art at the moment as proven by our latest StArt project. However, she was thrilled to get a real matryoshka doll from her grandparents. She already assembled and disassembled it about 100 times and keeps saying that she always wanted a hollow doll from Russia.

Russia ABCs

We read several books (fictional and non-fictional) this week. I tried to reduce their number in favor of reading each of them more often. I looked at many different series that would help in country studies. This book is from “Country ABCs” series, and I like the layout, but the text is more appropriate for older kids. The amount of the text on each page is not too big, but the vocabulary is complex, and there are many references to dates in history. It makes for a long read, especially when daughter won’t let me skip anything :)


Look What Came From Russia book spent two double pages on food that came from Russia. Since my husband is not a fan of borsch, I didn’t opt for it. Instead we made blini (thin crepes) using the crepe maker that my parents gave us. Now – they are going to laugh looking at this picture. My husband surely did when I complained to him that this crepe maker is only good for making huge mess. I completely forgot that you are supposed to dip it in the pancake batter – instead I poured batter on. Well, at least Anna approved the recipe, helped enthusiastically and devoured quite a lot of crumpled up pancakes – she loves everything that has flour or rice in it except, strangely, pasta.

Next week we are going to slow down and just revisit what we learned. I have a lot of good books of traveling the globe now and can’t wait to try them out. Stay tuned and also visit Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn for more ideas to teach Geography and History to your young children.


Kim said...

Ah, I love blinis! I once had a crepe maker and was always too afraid to use it because it sounded complicated. My husband made me give it away the last time we moved... Crumpet won't eat pasta either. It drives me crazy because pasta is the ideal, easy food to feed a vegetarian!

Christy said...

Very interesting. I have never had blinis but I love crepes.

Debbie said...

What a great look into Russia. I make crepes, but I have never had a crepe maker.

I love Anna and her hollow doll from Russia!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

There was a big Ukrainian population in the area of Saskatchewan, where I went to high school - I loved the borsch!

Ticia said...

I love Crepes, but haven't had blinis. Sounds yummy to me.
And I'm with Anna, I want a hollow doll from Russia (I won't even attempt to spell the real name.....)

vanessa said...

Juliet really enjoyed a book called Max Moves to Moscow by Winifred Riser. It's about a dog who moves to Moscow with his family and makes new Russian dog friends. Maybe Anna would enjoy it, too.

mermaid said...

Does Anna speak russian as well?

Brooke Lorren said...

My daughter was born in Italy so she's always interested in that country. I could see how your daughter would be interested in Russia (or Belarus).