Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was talking to Anna’s preschool teachers on Monday, and they were telling me that she is very enthusiastic about art activities (and all structured activities in general). Well, I don’t see the same enthusiasm at home. She rarely goes for her art materials unless it fits somehow in her games. For example, she was contentedly making “cookies” with paper and stickers as part of a big story arc where she was Mar1_Drawings_SMpreparing for a big sailing expedition on  a living room chair. The blue drawings were made in the middle of the “picnic” when suddenly she decided that it’s time to make a list for Santa Claus. She made two – one for herself and one for her kitty. Hers is robot and some stamps of different shapes. Kitty apparently wants a person, but a pretend one, of course! She also made a picture of a mountain with tall buildings and baby airplanes that are learning to fly in line. Big airplane sister is teaching them to follow the rules.


This is a rare example of “art for the sake of art” on Anna’s part. It made me think of how much our children try to do what we do. I was gluing something, and suddenly Anna declared that she wants to do a collage. For about 15 minutes (long time for her to spend on art!) she was busily cutting, stamping her collage pieces with Valentine stamps and talking about how each piece is for someone she loves and how she is going to show it to everyone she loves. It was rather sweet, since I got more than one piece :)

For more open-ended art created by young children, visit The Art Box at Tired, Need Sleep.


MaryAnne said...

I love that Anna made a list for her kitty, too! And the airplanes learning to fly story is very cute =)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

She is so imaginative and creative! I love her stories and pictures. I wonder if the other kids at preschool making art is what makes her enthusiastic about it there - the same way that seeing you glue made her want to make a collage. Maybe she just enjoys it more when it's a more social activity (if that makes sense?). Thanks for linking up! I'm glad you got some pieces of her collage. :)

Ticia said...

Most of the art my kids create is part of a story, and you've seen my posts....... They're mostly crazy things they do while telling their story.
I do love her story of how she was getting ready to go sailing on her boat, and she needed to make a Christmas list. Way too cute!

Debbie said...

That is exactly where Selena is too with her art. She loves to draw and color, but on her terms within her imaginary stories. I just go with the flow and let her create her heart out with no input from myself.

I love everything Anna created here, she is growing up so much!