Friday, February 5, 2010

Anna is 3 months 3 years old


We finally had a good weather this week and spent a lot of Sunday outside. Anna’s theme at preschool this week was Birds, and she enjoyed it a lot. Our theme at home was Mountains. We all had a new experience at a birthday party for one of her friends. It was at a pottery studio where every child was given an unfinished plate and variety of paints. Anna was a little disappointed that she cannot take her pretty plate home directly, but she enjoyed making her own design. And I made another new recipe trying to salvage savoy cabbage from our vegetable delivery box – savoy cabbage soup (yum, yum!)

Reading and Phonics. I am still struggling to find early readers fFlap Your Wingsor Anna that  would fit her reading level. The same level 1 ranges from ridiculously easy to impossibly hard between different books. Flap Your Wings was challenging for her, but she worked hard and enthusiastically. It always surprises me how she is able to read the word from sight once I show her once how it’s pronounced. She is also getting better on trying to read the word based on context clues and pictures. It’s really a very funny and cute story to read together too. We finished the last book of Intermediate Level in Progressive Phonics and ready to move on to advanced section.


Math. We didn’t do much on math this week. To be honest, we didn’t do much of anything except this week. Anna was tired in the evenings and was “wiggly”. She always wants to read in the evening, even when she is very tired, but she was not interested in any math games except shopping. Her cash register saw some action, but mostly math was happening via cooking and playing with Legos.


Science and Social Studies. A big highlight of this week was making of playdough on Monday. I hate to report, however, that I am writing it on Thursday morning, and we still didn’t get to actually playing with it. It’s one of those weeks when not everything I hoped for worked out. On geography track we are reading and talking about mountains, more on that will be in my Sunday geography post.


Arts and Crafts. Again, I had bigger plans. In fact, I showed Anna an entire page of rainforest animals on DTLK site in the hopes that she will pick something to make. She reviewed them all and informed me that she just wants to paint. I think she gets her fair share of structured art in school. On the positive note, she did a few of self-directed quick projects this week – I’ll write about them in a separate post.


Gross Motor Skills. We really enjoyed spending some time outside on Sunday – a welcome break in our rainy winter. Anna didn’t want to leave the playground and rediscovered the joy of climbing. In the afternoon we went to the backyard and played catch. Soon Anna wanted me to throw the ball across our backyard and then was running to retrieve it. My shoulder still hurts :) The dancing didn’t go well this week – she was really tired and completely melted down when we arrived. Apparently one of the bigger boys is wearing a diaper, and Anna made quite a fuss saying how she doesn’t like diapers any longer. Urgh – this was embarrassing, and we had to sit this one out.

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm still laughing about the thought of tarter sauce in the play dough - sooo nice to know I'm not the only one out there who doesn't know everything!

Diana said...

I totally relate to the playdoh confession. We have made things at our home and then not made time to actually use them and explore. It's part of life and realizing that even the best laid plans have to be set aside at times, and that's OK.

Debbie said...

I am going to have to look for that book, Selena loved Where's My Mother by the same author. It is hard to find books that seem to be just right for our children's level of reading.

I still crack up about the tarter sauce confession. It just goes to show that we too learn something new with our little ones.

Sorry to hear about the dance this week.

Kim said...

So glad you got to go outside this week. We had a nice day or two, and then more rain. Uggh. What a winter.
It must have been something in the global air this week - Crumpet had a fit in karate and we had to leave! Plenty embarrassing. I can't believe how many boys are in her dance class! I wanted to put Crumpet in dance but couldn't find a class with any boys...

Susana said...

I can't wait to have a week of nice weather here! So much rain and cold lately that the kids haven't been out more than a few times in almost a month!

SO glad you got to a paint your own pottery studio. I LOVE ours and we go often throughout the year. Hanna now goes mainly to the "real" pottery studio as she calls it:-), but Joe and Jack will go to the paint your own for many more years before moving on.

Good luck with your early reader search! You've got one smart girl!

Elise said...

What a great idea to have a party in a pottery studio and have all of the guests create their own piece.

We have also had a week of not actually completing many of the activities we had planned on doing. There's always next week :)

Going outside must have been refreshing. I know when we have stayed in after some rainy days, it is always so much fun to go out and play.

Adriana said...

The pottery sounds like a lot of fun. I will have to try that one day when I can get away with just Diego. Maybe for a Father's day present. I am glad that you were able to get outside. We continue with the unusally cold and wet weather. Diego absolutely refuses to play catch with us though (much to the annoyance of my husband.) He is terrified of the ball. I don't think that we have a little baseball player in our future. Mateo on the other hand... :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

How can it be that I have never heard of Flap Your Wings??? I have to find that book! The picture reminds me of Are You My Mother? which we all love. How nice you were able to have some outside time, sounds like Anna enjoys playing fetch, hee hee. :)

Preschool Mom said...

Have you ever tried Bob Books or Animal Antics for beginning readers?