Friday, February 26, 2010

Anna is 3 years 4 months


It was “ups and downs” week. The weather was rainy, the work was stressful, and daughter was dead tired in the evenings after playing and reading through her rest times. I wasn’t feeling well, and this contributed to the general feeling of being in over my head. Her theme in school was Wild Animals. Not all of my plans for this week materialized, but we still had a few things done.


Reading. Every week Anna reads about a dozen books independently. Elephant and Piggie series continue to rule, but she also read some more advanced books from Cat in the Hat library. We moved on to Advanced section in Progressive Phonics. I thought that all the rules will just zoom over her head, but she is doing fine – mostly because she can read so many words by sight at this point, and she seems to remember pronunciation of a new word after just seeing it once.Feb21_Money1

Math. We played some games with real and pretend money. Anna loves pretend shopping and she enjoys counting. As always, we played board games and revisited our pattern blocks, colored craft sticks and bottle caps. Anna was also pulling her ruler a few times and was busy measuring things. And we read a book that has a lot of interesting counting poems – Counting Our Way to 100th Day! Seriously, this girl will probably be interested in learning nuclear physics if it were presented as a poem.

Look What Came From Germany

Social Studies. We hoped to Germany this week, visited Bremen, and read several Cinderella books. We also read Look What Came From Germany book and discovered that a lot of things familiar to Anna were invented or originated in Germany. This includes among other things, a birthday cake, a Christmas tree, helicopters, jets, cars, alarm clocks, and shampoo.


Fine Motor Skills/Prewriting. Not a whole lot to report here again. When I am home, Anna is not interested in arts or crafts. Again, it’s somewhat related to her energy level in the end of the day. She was happy to draw with papa when they were hanging out at home together on a rainy Tuesday morning. At least she enjoyed some coloring on wood as part of our Cinderella Start project.

Gross Motor Skills. No pictures, because Anna thinks that the best way to “do sports” is when she is not wearing any clothes. She played a lot more “sports” games this week, and her best friend was my old breastfeeding boppy pillow. That pillow was a balance beam, a trampoline, and a diving board. She just loves to see how far she can jump from it, and it’s embarrassing to admit that I actually have to apply myself to jump farther than she can. I want to believe it’s because the pillow works like a spring for her weight :)

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Kim said...

I love that she does sports without clothes. How natural! And I'm sure it's the boppy giving her an advantage. :) What great progress with reading. i wondered if maybe the more advanced rules might just fall into place once they have the basics. Crumpet continues to refuse to try to read at all- I kind of wondered if this might happen with him... what fun would it be if it were easy??!! Feel better!

Christy said...

Isn't it funny how kids make up their minds about things - sports without clothes - too funny!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Maybe you should hop to Greece next - then the undressed sporting events would fit right in :)

Ticia said...

The original Olympics were done that way. She and Princess would get along splendidly in that way, I swear I blink and the girl's clothes are off.
I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Debbie said...

I think it is funny she wants to do sports with no clothes on! She is doing great in reading and math. We've been slow in crafts around here too.

Adriana said...

We have weeks like that too. I try to plan a theme every other week now to give us more leeway. I am amazed with Anna's independent reading skills. Diego still prefers to be read to but is showing signs of wanting to start reading. Any progress on the learning German or Russian front?

Mommy Moment said...

You have many great posts! I am enjoying looking through them!

MaryAnne said...

I hope you are feeling better?

How funny that Anna has decided on no clothes for sports - she'd fit right in at the original olympics =)

I had no idea shampoo was from Germany...

Brandie said...

I hope you start feeling more "on top" of things soon. I hate that feeling...almost as bad as being sick!

Kaelyn is like so many of the other kids mentioned above...if she can find a way to justify being naked...she will!

Jolanthe said...

When we studied Germany our kids were amazed at what all came from the country! :)

Poems and songs are so much fun for learning ~ some of the songs my kids sing and remember crack me up {like a volcano song...}. Amazing what those little brains remember.