Monday, February 22, 2010


How old are you? I am 3 years 3 months old and one week older.

When is your birthday? In October. I will be 4 then!

What is your mother’s name? It’s you, mama! You are Natalie!

What does your mama do? Plays with me!

Yes, but what do I do when I don’t play with you? You go to work.

What does your papa do? He works in our office. Sometimes you have conference calls in the office too.

What is your favorite color? Yellow, but it changes all the time.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dentist.

Where do you want to live when you grow up? I want to go and be a dentist and then I want to come back home to California.

What is your favorite food? Rice and pizza.

What is your least favorite food? (Looking blank) Rice?

Least favorite means the food that you really don’t like. Oh – ummm…. garlic.

Who does our family love most? Me!

Do you know what church is? No, what is it?

It’s where people go to talk to God. Oh, yes, and God is all of us.

Where do you like to eat? Red Robin and everywhere with French Fries.

Who is your best friend? S & D.


Kim said...

Very sweet!

MaryAnne said...

How fun! Love the photo, too =)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Her answers are so grown up!

Ticia said...

Wonderful answers! I loved her "I'm going to go and be a dentist and then come back home to California." I swear it took over 10 years after moving from California not to consider it home.

Crunchy and Green said...

What sweet answers! This is a great idea, something you can look back on as she gets older.

Debbie said...

I love Anna's answers. Especially going to be a dentist then coming home to California!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

I just love all of these interviews. I love that you posted your explanations of things she didn't understand as well. Great job!

Christy said...

I love to do interviews with my children. The answers are so precious.

Autumn said...

"Anywhere with french fries"....I'm with Anna on this one! :D

I should try this with Tommy to see what he says, though I have a feeling I'll get a lot more blank looks.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

That is so cute! She is such a clever little girl!

Cara said...

Loved the confusion about "least favorite food." I love the idea of interviewing your child! I wonder if my guy would sit still long enough to answer me...

Elise said...

What a sweet interview. My favourite response was when you asked Anna: "What does your mama do? Play with me.

It's a shame that the plans you had for China were not as well received as you had hoped. That often happens here too - disappointing and I often find unpredictable. Some of the things I plan that I think Sav and Blake will enjoy turn out to be activities that only last a short time and because they are not that interested. For us, it really is all about trying lots of new and different things and learning as we go.

I am starting to think about what we will do when we look at other countires. I think we will focus on a recipe, cultural traditions, animals and a craft from the country we are learning about.

Julie said...

What a cute interview! I need to do one of these. It's fun to hear what the kids say.

Jenny said...

That is so cute! LOL about being a dentist, not too many kids like the dentist.

I love Red Robin too!