Sunday, February 28, 2010

Planet Earth


We couldn’t possibly “visit” Germany without trying some of delicious baked goods that come from this country. I didn’t plan to bake a cake, since we try to cut down on sweets here. But we have an upscale supermarket in the neighborhood called Cosentino that specializes on European delicacies. Usually I don’t shop there (too expensive!), but I splurged on a piece of nice chocolate cake to Feb27_BremenM be shared between the three of us. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, but Anna was in paradise (and we enjoyed it too).

We also watched my Russian version of The Bremen Musicians after all, and Anna enjoyed it a lot even though she consistently calls the tale German Magicians. She played more with her wooden toys, and at some point pretended to throw an imaginary dice, called the numbers and made various animals move. She makes up a lot of games with convoluted rules – maybe she will grow up eventually to be a game designer – just like her papa :)

Of course, we just scratched the surface of German culture and traditions with this brief stop in Northern Germany. We will return again when Oma and Opa visit us in the end of March. Anna will hear a lot more German then. We have also decided that my husband will take Anna to Germany for 3 weeks in the summer while I’ll stay at home. We hope that this trip and immersion into a real language environment will help her latent German develop into speech. She understands German OK, but she always responds to her father in English. It makes it difficult for him to speak German consistently – he lapses to English more and more, especially if he wants to have a meaningful conversation with her.

Our next stop is Russia (but of course :)), then we will sort of review what we learned before hopping on to Ireland for St Patrick’s week. After that I will let her have more say in choosing the next country to visit or in deciding to spend more time on the country that we already covered.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That is so cute! Anna couldn't look like she's enjoying that cake any more :)

Camille said...

Ooooh! When I have a kid I shall do this. Nice cake, too... :D

Anna is very fortunate to have bilingual parent(s) (..are you both bilingual?). I taught myself my second language when I was twelve, and I could be so much better with it had my father been bilingual--least of all I would at least know if my accent was o.k.

Christy said...

How great that she will have the opportunity to travel to Germany!

Debbie said...

You both have had a great study on Germany. That is great that she will get to actually visit the country this summer. The cake looks like it went over great! She looks so happy eating it.

Ticia said...

Can I hide in the suitcase when he takes her? I promise not to take up too much space.
I'm thinking we're going to try and catch leprechauns here for St. Paddy's Day.

Eva said...

Anna looks so cute eating that cake what a sweetie! Looks like you're having fun learning about countries, this is something I really want to try out too :)