Monday, February 8, 2010

I am encouraged to see that Anna seems to be more interested in free style drawing lately. She still doesn’t want to color or to draw “to order”, but she made several quick unguided projects this week and told interestng stories about each one afterwards. The stories crack me up, and I want to capture them here for memories:


The picture on top: 36 clouds are sitting on the hill, one rolled off, and then there was… 68!

The picture on the bottom (we still can’t figure out when she drew it, but we found it carefully displayed on her art board): There are eggs, and there is a mouse that ate all these eggs. She ate and ate until she burst open, and now the mouse is dead.


This is a painting from Three Pigs world. Their houses are already blown, and the straw is moving. And there in the middle is a big bad wolf.


This started as drawing with crayons. The dots were mice and the middle drawing was first the scary bear cave, then it became a friendly bear, then it became “a school for mice with teacher bear”. There are two school bells on top of school. Then I pulled out the new stickers, and Anna went to town with them. All the children were taking care of mice children, and then she also wanted other pets. The party was over when she started doing this:

Feb4_Stickers_SM To see more spontaneous creations, visit The Art Box at Tired, Need Sleep.


Elise said...

Oh Anna's stories about her artwork are so entertaining. I always get such a kick out of reading them. It is wonderful that you record them here as she will also get a laugh out of her stories when she is older.

I thought it was sweet that you were the welcoming committee at the top of Mt Everest. You can tell Anna is enjoying every second of her "hike" from the photo.

We also have Rumble In The Jungle and Commotion In The Ocean on Savvy's bookshelf, in fact tonight we read Rumble In The Jungle before Sav went to sleep.

Happy belated first blog birthday to you. I am looking forward to joining you as you embark on your second year. I always enjoy stopping by your blog and learning all about your adventures with Anna. I am inspired by your ideas. I often leave your blog wiser as your posts are informative and often introduce me to new ideas.

Kim said...

Wonderful stories!

Christy said...

I love stories that go along with art. Cute.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how a little person who didn't even exist a few years ago, can be so independently creative!?!

Ticia said...

I think of all the different ones, I like the top one most. And then there were 68. Great!

MaryAnne said...

Anna's stories are hilarious! My kids aren't interested in directed art either, but they love doing their own thing with art materials.

Cindy said...

Anna comes up with the best stories. I love her picture with the wolf. I can so see it.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

That is a pretty cute little green nose if you ask me. :) I love, love, love her stories... even the dead mouse one, lol. It's so neat to see how her mind is working. I like the cloud picture and her sense of math, hee hee. :)

Our Country Road said...

Oh your daughter's stories are too funny! You should keep them in a book with the drawings. I really like her painting.