Saturday, January 30, 2010

Somehow we are entirely unsuccessful in reducing the number of library books we have at home. Last week we had 34. This week we have 35. Well, at least Smarty has a lot of choices in her reading material. Interestingly, sometimes she insists on taking home books that she already read before and enjoys rereading them. Moongame by Frank Asch and Please and Thank You Book by Richard Scarry made it to our “reread” list and were reviewed as favorites before. For once we didn’t have any complete rejects this week, so I will share our new favorites.
Show and Tell Day
Every time I see a new book by Anne Rockwell in the library, I pounce right away. Smarty always loves the stories and the illustrations. She could connect to the book right away, since she also has “sharing days” about once a month in her preschool. I liked how the author made the children in this book very diverse and some of the items they bring reflect their ethnic background. Attention to Smarty's grandparents: Smarty was really interested in matreshka doll that one of the girls in the story brings to school (hint, hint).
Tacky and the Winter Games
We read two Tacky stories this week by Helen Lester – the original one and the Winter Games. I felt that they are better suited for older kids, but unexpectedly Smarty liked them, especially the Winter Games. It’s also the only one story I found that even touches on Winter Olympics, so it might be a good time to read it in preparation for Vancouver Games. I admit that I struggled a lot trying to explain the happenings in the story to someone who hasn’t seen snow sports and doesn’t have a concept of a sport competition. Still – it’s a fun book which brought a lot of discussions.
The Magic Rabbit
We had The Magic Rabbit during story time in the library last Saturday, and I liked it so much that I looked for an extra copy to take home. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story goes on to show that magic is not as much fun if it cannot be shared. Smarty, however, struggled a bit on the pages when Rabbit tries to pull friends out of the hat and they all hop, scurry and fly away. She wanted to understand why and I couldn’t really explain it. It still ends well, and I highly recommend the story as a beautiful picture book for young children.
No Way No Way is a simple first reader, but the illustrations are really nice and detailed, and the story is fun to read. Smarty could definitely connect to the girl in the story who just never gets to do what she wants to do (at least that’s how it looks like) until the very end of the story. Smarty was shocked, however, that the girl wanted to ride in the front seat of the car in one of the pages. She said, No! It’s not safe for children! There is an air bag! We taught her well :)
What are your children reading this week? Please link up and share. The linky is open all week.


Cindy said...

I only let Drew check out 14 max. That's 2 new books a day. I think it is really important to reread favorites. And it seems each week I always find posts about books we want to check out and when we get to the lib I can't remember them. I NEED to write down the titles. Great week.

Debbie said...

No Way sounds like a good book. I will have to see if I can get it. Maybe Selena will make the same connection as Anna did!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

No Way sounds like fun, but I think we'll be wading through our Loreen Leedy books for a while :)

Susana said...

I've tried unsuccessfully to reduce our number of library books here too. We usually have around 80--yes, it's insane!

I've never read any of Anne Rockwell's books, but will look for them--thank you!

Adriana said...

We always come home with a ridiculous amount of library books too. I let him pick as many as he wants because we always end up reading them and I certainly do not want to discourage his love of reading. My mom was vistiing this week and read a couple of the Tacky books to Diego in English and he loved them.

SANDRA said...

We are known for checking out too many books too. It is well worth it in the end because we enjoy reading them.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I started to write a post to link up, but it didn't get done. We've been so sick here pretty much nothing has been done. I wanted to say we've been reading the original Tacky book and M loves it and thinks it's hilarious! We'll have to look for this one too.