Friday, January 8, 2010

Anna is 3 years 2 months old


It was a good week. We managed to accomplish almost all the ongoing goals for this year. We tried something new (new recipes), we spent time outside every day since the weather turned nice and sunny again, we played as a family, and we ate healthier. Alas, I couldn’t find any time to exercise – I am still adjusting to work schedule and dead tired in the evening. Work means getting up at 5:30 am and blogging for the first 30 minutes, then getting ready for work and being in the office at 7 am. I guess I like blogging more than I like exercise, but my convenient excuse is that I don’t want to wake everyone up :) Anna went back to school and enjoys her arts and crafts there. We did other things at home:

City Fun

Reading and Phonics progress nicely. We have started a pretty complex topic this week – Silent E. Anna still makes some mistakes in silent e words, but the more she reads the more she improves, and she doesn’t get as frustrated with mistakes as she used to get. As additional reading, we tackled another Hillert reader – City Fun. It’s rather long, so we read it for five nights in a row. Anna read other books to herself too – mostly while sitting on the toilet. Obviously, our family is going to have three bathroom readers soon.


We had a lot of fun with math – playing games, discussing calendar and using our math box. Pattern blocks replaced sticks and bottle caps in the math box, and Anna was interested in using them again. Sometimes she used the pattern to build, and sometimes she just built something herself. We also played a lot of word problems that require simple counting – it’s interesting to see how hard it is for her to visualize something in her head instead of using manipulatives. I coached her on how to use available visual props (for example, her fingers or the number of people in the car) to solve these kinds of problems, and then she was doing much better.

Me and My Place in Space

Social Studies/Science were “all over the map” this week. Anna’s preschool theme was space, so we talked about solar system. This book is interesting, but it’s for older kids or space enthusiasts. Anna was not really interested in anything beyond sun, moon and Earth. We also talked a lot about maps, but I will do a separate post on that. I also posted about our another foray into human body and nutrition in this post.

Jan4_Pipecleaners_SM Fine Motor Skills/Prewriting. Anna continues to be not interested in writing at home even though on Wednesday she brought home some alphabet worksheet from school where she wrote her name very clearly. She is also not interested in drawing or coloring, but has fun cutting, playing with stickers and making bead necklaces. Playing with Tinkertoys and Baufix also gives a good workout to her little fingers.


Gross motor skills/Nature. It’s a little ironic that the weather became great as soon as it was time for us to head back to work and to school. At least it means that the kids can have their time outside every school day. Once the sun returned, daughter stopped napping again and we were taking her outside on late afternoon – going to the park, rediscovering our backyard, walking around the neighborhood. We also tested the dance class. Unfortunately, that class was not the right fit – the kids were older, and I was not thrilled with the teacher. We’ll keep looking.

To find out what other preschoolers are doing, visit Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

oh my goodnees - 1st time visiting your blog - I love it! I am going to follow you. You have such great ideas! :)

Elise said...

You have so many great ideas for maths - such variety and excellent tips that I will certainly be taking on board. Thank you for sharing these.

Troy is currently on holidays - we are lucky if he gets two weeks a year - so far, we've had pretty gloomy and miserable weather. Next week is his last week off and we are really hoping that it fines up. Like you say, the weather seems to always clear up when holidays are over!

I am very sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your work colleague. I will keep his young family and friends in my prayers.

Mom and Kiddo said...

My son loves space so I am going to have to look for that book!

MaryAnne said...

It's been a while since my kids used the pattern sheets with their pattern blocks - maybe I'll pull those out this afternoon. Thanks for reminding me that they exist =)

Debbie said...

I love seeing Anna so concentrated on her work! The pattern blocks are still a huge hit around here.

The girl who painted trees said...

I love the idea of a math box. We move in two weeks, and then we'll be quite unsettled for a while, but it is definitely something I want to put in place. We don't have pattern blocks yet but they are on my wish list for Bear. Do you like the ones you have or would you recommend different ones?

Ticia said...

I'm sorry the dance class didn't work out.
Every time I hear about silent E I get the song from Between the Lions stuck in my head "Silent E, la la lla la la" is about how it goes because I can't remember clearly the words beyond Silent E, and the tune.
Now the other long vowel song I remember clearly........ And I'm sure you really wanted to know that.
And I am that space nerd who loves Me and My Place in Space, I'm sure that surprises you.

Susana said...

I never could get Hanna interested in dance. I tried and tried--it was something I so badly wanted her to do.

I find it funny that Hanna was never into writing, coloring or drawing at this age either. She could read before she could write her own name well. She was in Montessori preschool so the emphasis was always placed on what "she" wanted to excel in. She did learn to write well:-), and eventually developed a love for drawing too. She's always loved to craft.

Anna is so incredibly smart Natalie and you are so blessed to have her!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Anna never ceases to amaze me! She is just so good in so many things. Sorry the dance class didn't work out - I hope you can find something that is a better fit!

Anabelle said...

My daughter is slightly older than yours, but is no where near reading. What are you using to teach her? Any tips/advice?

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

We got back from holiday and I have been busy catching up on all my favorite blogs... I cannot believe how many Anna has grown in such a short time!