Friday, January 29, 2010

Anna is 3 years 3 months old


Anna’s theme of the week in preschool was Rainforest, and it tied OK with our geography track even though I still have all those mountain books waiting to be read. We didn’t do too well on our “new to us” commitment this week, but we discovered a new recipe that both my husband and I really liked – Collard Greens with Smoked Ham. Anna was not a big fan. She enjoyed her second dance class – well, at least the first 30 minutes. She was too tired to continue for another 15 minutes – being the youngest (and the only girl in the class – I kid you not!) takes its toll.

Phonics and Reading. Anna’s progress in reading continues toSnow Day pick up speed, and it’s a little spooky to watch sometimes. If she is interested in the book, she can read it independently from start to finish in one sitting like she did with Snow Day. The main character in the story has the same name as her good friend who unfortunately lives in Germany now, and it was enough to keep her interested in the story. She only needed help with two words in the book which was about 20 pages long, and she definitely comprehends what she reads since she was asking a lot of questions about the story. We went through R-controlled vowels of Progressive Phonics in one week. Usually we spend two weeks on one book, but she just flew through it this time.


Math. We had a lot of fun with our math box and clocks in it. Anna is not the one to do any kind of worksheets, but she continues to love this Wipe Clean Numbers book. It might appear on my blog that she does a lot of learning activities, but we don’t really have a schedule or a lesson plan. She picks what she wants to do or sometimes I suggest an activity. I just place some materials strategically, so she can pick them if she wants to.

Jan25_Bird_SM Prewriting and Fine Motor Skills. Anna was more interested in drawing and writing this week. Again, I offered her drawing and writing activities, but I didn’t “make” her do them. She likes tracing her hand, but she was not too interested in tracing cookie shapes that I offered her -  it’s hard for her to keep them in place. She can write her own name really well when she applies herself. Sometimes we joke that we set her up for success by giving her such an easy name :) She was in love with her “High Five” magazine and is working on making Valentines for her school friends.


Social Studies and Science. We didn’t have a lot of time for our geography track this week, but we wrapped up our ice experiments and learned a lot more about penguins and polar bears. Anna said that the reason why she likes polar bears is because they live in the place where it snows a lot. She made up a lot of stories (she calls them fairy tales) about ice and snow. According to her, the place where the snow never melts is Germany, because we read her a letter from our German friend where she mentioned how much snow they have this year,  and how hard it is to drive in he snow.

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Debbie said...

Anna's handwriting is getting really good!

I can relate all too well to cooking a new recipe only to find out that Michael and I are the only ones who like it.

Anna just continues to do great in all areas.

MaryAnne said...

That recipe sounds good - although I'm guessing my kids wouldn't appreciate it either.

The wipe clean numbers book looks neat. I wonder if it would get Emma more interested in numbers? She is normally only interested in letters.

Elise said...

The only girl in her dance class - I am shocked! I know boys dance, but I would have thought that Anna would have at least one other girl in her class.

I am blown away with how well Anna can read. She is doing exceptionally well with this. I think it is wonderful that she can write her name. When we were writing our postcards, Savvy wanted to write them and sign her name on the bottm. I gave her a few blank postcards to write and she filled them with squiggles. We have not worked on writing her name yet, but as she is now showing interest in this, I think it is time. I am going to look back through your posts and see what resources you used to help Anna with reading and writing.

I have seen a few people mention the High Five magazine on their blogs, it is obviously a real hit.

Autumn said...

I think most of the things I make for dinner are things that only Mark and I like!

Jenny said...

That is funny that she's the only girl in dance class!

What a great week. How awesome that she is learning to read so quickly. I'm excited to see Abby getting the hang of it, because if you can read, you can learn anything!

Susana said...

You are right, she sure can write her name very well!

Her reading is amazing as always--blows me away all that she can read already!

Good luck with dance class.

好想談戀愛 said...


Ticia said...

She's the only girl? Wow!
I love the top picture, I'm trying to imagine what she built and what she's thinking...... I can think what my kids would say, but I'm curious what Anna decided and what she was playing.

Preschool Mommy said...

I really enjoy your blog! Anna is such a bright little girl. You have so many great ideas. It is so neat to see how you follow her interests and she responds!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I'm so amazed that she can write her name so well!! Matthew can make an M, but it's barely legible. :) And seriously, she is the only girl in dance class?? Wow. All those boys must be there because she is so cute and they can't stay away (hopefully this isn't a sign of what life will be like when she is a teenager). :)