Friday, January 22, 2010

Anna is 3 years 3 months old


It was a very rainy week. In our sheltered Silicon Valley rain is called “a winter storm”. Anna was disappointed that she didn’t have a recess time in her preschool, usually they play outside every day for an hour or so. Their theme of the week was “transportation”. Our theme of the week at home was “Arctic and Antarctica”, since she was very interested in polar bears after watching Earth. I will write more about it in my geography post on Sunday. We did well on our “New to us” commitment – we had our first theater experience this week. Anna also had two playdates with her favorite friend and her dance class, so it was a rather full week for all of us.

My Mother Is Mine Reading and Phonics. We finished “Two Vowels Walking” in Progressive Phonics. She also read a couple of books to me including this sweet book. It has a lot of repetition, and I only had to help her with a couple of words. It raises her confidence a lot when she is able to read “real books” by herself, and she usually spends her “play by yourself” time by looking at her books and trying to read them.


Math. We are having a lot of fun with math lately – a lot of concepts just fall in place naturally for her especially when we play with our Math box items. Anna is good at seeing patterns not just in math, but generally in the world around her. She enjoys activities that involve sorting, grouping and visual discrimination, and she loves board games. MiniLuk is still going strong, but we are almost through the three books we had. I am planning to put together a couple of my own MiniLuk challenges for her shortly.


Social Studies and Science. We were visiting Arctic and Antarctica in our geography track this week. Anna enjoyed ice experiments, and we read some books about penguins and polar bears. We also watched Earth episode about Ice Worlds, and Anna had a lot of questions about penguins based on this episode. Interestingly, she thinks that a lot of baby penguins can come out of one egg, because it is so big and she was not open to my attempts to “enlighten” her.


Fine Motor Skills and Prewriting. I looked for any evidence of arts and crafts in my picture folder from this week, but could barely find any. It was a slow week for fine motor skills. I printed out a few printables from Making Learning Fun for polar bear theme, but Anna was not interested in them at all – she only did connect-the-dots and a tangram. We also did a quick and fun sticker StArt project for one of our favorite books of the week – Missing Math.


Gross motor skills/Nature.  As I mentioned before, it was pouring all week here. Once or twice Anna insisted on going outside and returned properly soaked. She compensated by chasing me or her father around the living room every night shouting gleefully, Run faster! It’s good exercise! We also tried another dancing class, and we both liked it. The class turned out to be quite exhausting for her though – she was in bed in record time at 7 pm in the evening :)

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Jo Shabo said...

Does she know all the sounds the letters make? I am really impressed - I saw you were using phonics with her. That is amazing! :)

Debbie said...

Great week! It's nice to see math concepts coming easy for both our girls.

So you are getting our normal rainy winter storms! Normally that is all we have from November to March.

Kylie said...

YOu always have such great weeks with Anna. Rain is so not good for all of those little outdoorsy types is it.

Booklover1212 said...

I love reading what you do every week! Great job mom!

~ Jennifer

MaryAnne said...

This sounds like a great week, in spite of the rain! And I'll have to see if our library has that book, it looks cute.

Preschool Mommy said...

I enjoy seeing your posts every week. I especially like your math box ideas. I would love to do something like this with Lexy!

Elise said...

Rainy weeks can be long weeks for us as Savvy and Blakie enjoy spending time outside. The sun always feels so much brighter after a rainy week.

It must be so sweet to have Anna read to you.

Anna is certainly displaying her natural ability for maths.

I am going to use some of your suggestions you mentioned when working with blocks. I really like the look of your brick products.

Ticia said...

In bed at 7? Nice!
Love the chocolate milk (I'm guessing) picture at the top.

Shannon said...

That sounds like a fun week. We may need to do something with polar bears. Ben did penguins this week, but I have Jan Brett's The Three Snow Bears sitting here, begging to be used.

Susana said...

You guys had a busy and fun week even with all the rain.

That book looks like a sweet one I'd love to read with Jack. Thanks.

Very cute about the baby penguins!

I am glad Anna liked her new dance class and hope it continues to be something she enjoys.

Mrs Adept said...

We need some rain here - it's super hot these days as we are in the middle of summer. Loved her idea of many penquins from one egg. :) Super cute.