Friday, January 1, 2010


It was a nice post-Christmas week where we were stuck home more often than we hoped to be. It rained a lot, and it was rather cold. On the positive side, we really enjoyed our downtime – playing games, watching movies, and enjoying our Christmas gifts. We didn’t have any predefined plan for this week – we just followed what Anna wanted to do. It still included quite a bit of “school” activities.

I am not a dinosaur

Reading and Phonics. This book was a library sale find, and Anna enjoyed reading it independently. It’s very simple and the text rhymes well. I read with her word games in the end of the book and realized that she wasn’t exposed to rhyming games before. This didn’t take long – after 10 minutes of laughing and putting non-rhyming words together she was getting the point of the game completely. In fact, she often makes up little rhymes and songs as she plays and especially when she rides in the car somewhere.


Math was abundant this week with all the board games and a game that I made for her to recognize 2-digit numbers. We also spent some time going over calendar. Anna has by now a good concept of days of the week and is able to sequence them in context, not just by memorization. For example, she often asks in the morning what day of the week it is and then talks about her regular activities that she expects on that day. She is still confused why she didn’t go to school this Monday or why there was no story time in the library this Saturday. This time she mostly wanted to know when winter will end, and we flipped through the calendar discussing months of the year and the seasons they represent.


Prewriting was mostly about dot-to-dots. Anna loves her Write-and-Erase book mostly because of Dot-to-Dot activity that she already did so many times. It also reinforces high counting, since some of the objects require connecting up to 30 dots. She can do it by herself when she is in the mood, but usually we alternate dots to make it more cooperative activity.


We didn’t do a lot of arts and crafts, but Anna made this snowman almost entirely by herself including some of the cutting. She refused to embellish it in any way, but proudly put it on her artwork board. She definitely knows quite well when she did something new on her own, so her sense of pride is well justified.


We had a lot of fun cooking together. Anna loves to do anything in the kitchen and was very proudly helping papa make pigs in the blanket. She has all the knowledge about healthy food… in theory. In practice this girl will do anything for sweets. She was very disappointed that her Advent calendar ended and now practices her negotiation skills asking for sweets if any opportunity presents itself.


Debbie said...

Great week!

We are actually looking forward to moving ahead here back to more formal learning on Monday!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a fun week you've had! I think Emily would love to help make pigs in a blanket too... great idea!!

Christy said...

Love the snowman! I have never made pigs in a blanket, but I think my kids would love it too.

The girl who painted trees said...

I like the idea of alternating dots when doing the dot to dot.

Susana said...

I'm with Anna, I'll do most anything for sweets too:-).

I love that picture of her in her boots, reminds me of Hanna at that age.

You know, Joe isn't remembering his days of the week too well lately. He had it down and just today we were talking about it and he'd forgotten most all of them. I've got to work on this in a different way I can see.

Anna is doing awesome and I'm just impressed that you even did school this week!!

Ticia said...

My kids do the same thing for sweets. I need to remember to get out our dot to dots. My kids would probably like that better than just counting. And then afterwards they can scribble all over their picture! Score!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

Your week looks like it was sooo organised and smooth.. love the activities you had here.. she looks great working in the ktichen.. she is concentrating :)