Sunday, January 24, 2010

Planet Earth

I see geography track here as an “unschooling” track – we will learn whatever Anna wants to learn about. She was interested in polar bears last week after watching Disney version of Earth, so I had to scramble my plans for Mountains and we did Arctic and Antarctic instead.

Der Kleine Eisbar

We watched an episode from Planet Earth about Ice Worlds. This time Anna was fascinated to see papa penguins taking care of their eggs during the coldest winter on Earth. We also watched a German movie Der Kleine Eisbar which, as it turns out, is also available in English. The first part of this story is really sweet, but the second part gets a little scary, so we turned the movie off before we got there. The movie is nice, since it also has other Arctic animals in it, an Eskimo family and even a very cheerful penguin that really wants to fly.


It’s a low light picture, but Anna had a blast playing “polar bears and penguins” game. All our stuffed penguins (and we have many of them – don’t ask :)) were hiding “in the Antarctica” – in our guest room, and all our polar bears were in Arctic (in our bedroom). She was supposed to find them and bring them to the zoo in her room. Well, she was not interested in bringing polar bears to a zoo. Instead they went to visit Antarctica, had some fish snacks and then built themselves a shelter under the blanket. I think someone starts to really enjoy her geography track. I was thinking of spending two weeks in Arctic and Antarctica, since some books I ordered are still on their way, but I sense that we are ready to move on and visit mountains of Asia.

Polar Bear Home

We read many polar bear and penguin books this week – some fiction and some non-fiction. My favorite by far was The Polar Bear’s Home. It’s written as the first person account of a young girl who lives in the Arctic. Her father explains her how polar bear live, what they eat, how they hunt and what is happening to them when the ice melts faster and earlier every year. The illustrations are very engaging, and the book also contains some helpful suggestions on how to do small changes in our lives to make our Earth a better place for every creature.

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It's so much fun to grab a spark of interest from a show, or book, and run with it. It sounds like Anna had a great week of learning.

Debbie said...

I just love it when something truly strikes their interest like this and we can find the materials to supplement it with. Now that is true learning.

Thank you for linking up.

Ticia said...

I love how she didn't want to bring them to the zoo, too cute.
I think we've seen the English version of that movie. My MIL has it, and the kids watch it every time we go to visit them.

The girl who painted trees said...

If you would like some nice picture books set in Asia, one is Ping (can't remember the author) and another is by Jan Brett called Come Home Daisy. We just signed out the latter yesterday at the library (I was in such library withdrawal in the last two years, I think I must have signed out at least 50 books for Bear!) and Bear's asked to read it 6 times already. It has beautiful illustrations depicting life in China - the market, the clothing, the mountains. And the neat thing is that Jan Brett was inspired in part by the story of Ping to write Come Home Daisy.

Susana said...

That is such a cute picture of Anna with her bears.

So please tell me what is the Earth movie about and where I can get it? Joe would LOVE to watch these movies.