Saturday, December 12, 2009

It’s been a very busy reading week. Hanukkah starts tonight, and we were reading a few simple books on how it’s celebrated. I will also share our favorite non-holiday book of the week.

My First Chanukah

We read other dePaola books from My First series and enjoyed them. The text is very simple, and the illustrations are bright and crisp. It was a little too simple language-wise for Anna, but good for basic Hanukkah vocabulary – menorah, latkes, gelt, dreidel. There are no historic references whatsoever in this book, but I think on the very first page it said, Jews celebrate Hanukkah, to which Anna said, Are we Jews? I had to give her a short answer – you have some Jewish heritage. Longer answer will have to wait until she is old enough to understand complexity of Jewish rules on who is a Jew and who is not.

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah

This is a book based on a song. You can listen to a song on YouTube by searching for its name. I didn’t know the song before, but I definitely know it by now after reading it to my daughter for about 10 times. Illustrations are done in cutout style, and the main characters are mice. Each page also adds one lighted candle to a menorah, and Anna enjoyed counting them. I’d say that it was her favorite out of our Hanukkah books that we have read so far.

Celebrating Hanukkah

Our fact-based book was an older version of this one. It went more into religious and historical aspects of the holiday, which were very much over Anna’s head, but she enjoyed looking at the pictures and asked a lot of questions. At some point the book mentioned that Israeli children have special children menorahs made with popular characters, so now she is asking if she can get one of her own. Considering that we don’t even have one for the house, this request will not be granted this year. Maybe I’ll bring her one when I go to Israel next time.

My Trip to the Hospital

This Little Critter book from the library was read many times for the past two weeks and still going strong. As I mentioned many times, Anna is infinitely fascinated with human body, and she was very interested to learn in detail what happens when the bone is broken. The book is rather upbeat, I am pretty sure that real child wouldn’t have taken a broken leg in stride, but at least Anna could understand that breaking a bone hurts but can be fixed. We still hear some sort of lecture on bones and muscles from her every day, and it’s really fun to listen to her medical opinions :)

Please link up and share your books of the week. The linky is open all week. Happy holidays!


Cindy said...

I love that Anna wants her own menorah. So sweet.

Your Little Critter book seems to be the same as our 12 days of Christmas Dogs. Reading it over and over.

Ticia said...

I'm making note of the Chanukah books for later.
I'll have to look for the Little Critter one also, that would be wildly popular here.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love all the Hanukah books! One of these days, I'm going to get it together enough to link to this - it's so nice to get all the great book reviews :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Excellent holiday post. Thanks for sharing the Hanukkah books.