Monday, December 14, 2009

Cash Register I was not contributing to My Bilingual Boys linky since Thanksgiving, since we go through an interesting phase of “too many toys and nothing to play with”. When my parents were here, they gave Anna a new cash register. I think it’s probably a good toy for older kids, but why recommended age for it is 36 months is beyond me (unless those 3 year olds have older siblings to play with). It’s not something that my daughter can play independently with, she doesn’t understand money denominations yet, and while she played with it a great deal while grandparents were here, it’s grandparents that she played with, not really cash register itself.

Glow Station Another not-so-useful toy was Crayola Glow Station. For once, the battery in the light pen was pretty much dead, which made the toy even less interesting. Secondly, it takes a long time for images to fade. Thirdly, my daughter doesn’t like to be in the dark. It’s supposed to be used in the car, but she is perfectly happy listening to CDs or playing word games in the car. It’s not something that I would recommend even for the target age group of 6-15.

Overall, we are at the age when my daughter is still not interested in playing independently a lot and desperate for a playmate. Every day I listen to the same requests – I want to watch a movie or Play with me, mommy. She is also interested in the computer games, but I refuse to allow her more than an hour of electronic entertainment a day. I keep reminding myself that the age of independent play will come soon and I will miss being needed as much as now, but I keep hoping that some of Christmas presents will break through the current crazy afternoon routine when my daughter won’t rest until she gets her movie of the day and then will nag for games and mope around if I am too busy.

So this was my “keeping it real” post :) It might look sometimes that things are just peachy here, but I have the same struggles as everyone else – keeping the balance between work, family and finding some “me” time in the middle of this all.


Jennifer said...

Strange! We have that same cash register. Their Auntie got it for them last Christmas, and they play with it a lot (mine are 3 and 4 now). They don't understand the games, but they love to press the buttons, insert the play coins, and open and close the drawer while playing "store" or "retuarant". I feel you about the independent play. I don't know what I'd do if mine didn't have each other to play with!

The girl who painted trees said...

I can totally relate! All day today, "Mommy, keep me company!" and "Mommy, I'm feeling kind of lonely." Did I mention that she was sitting two feet away from me doing crafts while I took no more than 5 minutes 4 times today to respond to my backlogged emails? And I was trying to chat with her at the same time so she wouldn't feel lonely!
Sigh. And she has tons of toys and no desire to play them unless I sit right next to her.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Ha, "independent play" - total fiction in our house too. I just bought my son his first set of play money, because he LOVED pretend buying things with the money from our board games. He would love that register, but certainly wouldn't play with it independently. One thing I have been doing a lot lately is "name that tune". I hum a tune and he guesses it. I'm able to do other things while I play it with him. Even when I let him watch bits of videos, I have always sat right next to him and talked about what we're watching. I'm a nut like that, I guess.

Julie said...

I hate to say it, but I think independent play may be a personality thing, not an age thing. My son still cannot play independently and he's 5 1/2 years old. My daughter, on the other hand, has been playing independently her entire life! Hopefully I'm wrong and Anna will outgrow her need for constant playmates at some point soon! We've spent 5 years trying to find the special toys that will engage C and just haven't found one yet!

Adriana said...

Thanks for the heads up on the light drawing pad. I was looking at it but I really did not understand what it did. I am pretty lucky that Diego plays pretty well by himself sometimes. He seems to go in spurts of needing constant attention. Playdoh has been a god-sent since he does it by himself. It is my go-to toy when I need a break.

Debbie said...

I agree with Julie on the independent playing being somewhat of a personality thing. Selena has always been able to entertain herself independently, but she still loves together play. I suppose as I look back Selena is so much like I was and even my son. That is not to say that Anna won't become more independent in her play though.

I don't think those two toys would be a huge hit in our home either.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

The cash register looks VERY similar to one my son keeps gravitating to at Tuesday Morning. But I am steadfastly refusing because we have already chosen his Christmas gifts and I fear it is more interesting in the store than at home!

One day I may be looking back at the first toy he really wanted and me the grinch that wouldn't get it.

Elise said...

Independent play is vary rare here too. Blake is way more independent than Savvy. Savvy always asks me if I want to play with her. I am hoping that as she gets older and with some guidance she will become more independent. I usually try and play with her when we set up an activity, but I am really encouraging her to continue with it while I either play with Blake, or do a quick household chore.

Your helium balloon from the birthday party was such an excellent tool for your hands on science experiments. Anna is so clever to ask about the hot air balloon.

Cindy said...

We also play with our cash register a lot. We have the same one. Drew doesn't play with it indep. though. We play together. We play store and he has me buy stuff from him. Of course the amounts are all goofy but I am trying to teach him

I did put contact paper over the money so it lasts longer.

We used it here

Ticia said...

I think the cash register thing is a personality, not age. My kids love to play store at the museums and sit there and give money back and forth with no clue of the value.

But, I definitely agree on the glow thing. It seems more gimicky to me than anything.

Susana said...

Yeah, Joe will play with the cash register, but it is always along with Hanna.

Thanks for the Glow Station comments, my kids have been asking for that one, but I haven't gotten it.

I hope Christmas toys give you some independence:-)!! Good luck!