Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec7_Postcards_1 Once a week on Anna school days I work from home, and my husband works in the office of the company he consults for. Usually I pick Anna up from school on these days during my lunch, read her a couple of books and then put her down for her nap. Yesterday, however, I had back-to-back conference calls during that time, so I had to improvise. The topic of the day for Online Dec7_Postcards_2 Advent Calendar was Postcards. So I decided to let Anna create some in a semi-open ended manner. I glued a couple of things on the cardstock for her, and set out the materials crayons, markers, stickers and glitter glue. Then I left her to her devices. She was very pleased with a fancy set of Christmas stickers – a gift from Babushka. It cracked me up that she sort of undressed the penguins and used their feet and hats to decorate the Christmas tree instead. Here is what she did after about 30 minutes:

Dec7_Postcards_3 Now all I need to do is to write Merry Christmas! and off to family they go :)

And, of course, here is  story of the day: Once there was a little girl named Alexis and she sent out twenty Christmas cards. The Christmas Cat got one, because it was for her. And she also wrote one to Santa and asked for presents. She asked for a star, a crown and a music box that plays any melody. Her friends were happy to get her cards, but then Christmas Cat took them all away, and they were sad. But Christmas Cat wasn’t naughty. She wanted to make a big-big-big Christmas card out of those cards and send it to Santa. Christmas Cat wanted a doll for Christmas. The end.

Book of the day

Counting to Christmas

It’s a nice book, and Anna could read most of it by herself. The pictures are bright and big, and focus on creative activities during December – making Christmas cards, baking, wrapping presents, decorating, giving and sharing. It wasn’t Anna favorite, because she didn’t like the picture of December 25. She thought that the girl looked scared and not excited. I have to say that I agree – I didn’t think that that particular scene was well done.

To see more open-ended creations by kids, visit The Art Box at Tired, Need Sleep.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Oh! I love Nancr Tarfuri, but I've never seen that book. I'm off to the library.

MaryAnne said...

Those are cute cards, penguin feet and all, and Anna's stories are always fun to read =)

Debbie said...

What a cute idea! It looks like Anna had so much fun making her postcards!

Ticia said...

That reminds me I need to find Christmas stickers to decorate our presents :).
I love how she made the cards and had so much fun. And it sounds like you were actually able to get your work done too.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

The postcards turned out great and this was such a good idea! I know everyone will be so happy to get Anna's cards! That book sounds good and we like that author. I've never heard of this one, so we will have to look for it. Love her story as always!! What a great imagination!

Mama Ruck said...

I like the idea of our wee ones designing christmas postcards. She must of loved it also to be so decicated to the project for 30 minutes! Thank you for entering the Barefoot Books giveaway and good luck!