Monday, December 21, 2009


I wish we had more space in our house, but our eat-in kitchen doubles as a family room/art corner. We have a taller shelf with some containers that are not easily accessible – that’s where I keep messier things – paints, glue, etc. Anna’s kingdom is this artwork board that can technically double as a white board in the future, and the shelf under it. When we first set it up, Anna was excited about things on the shelves, but I let it go stale, and she only plays with those dolls on top (she insists on calling them Melissa and Doug), with her magnetic board and with “free play box” on the lower shelf. This “open-ended” box is a collection of little toys from various birthday parties, some small cars, small dolls, etc. From time to time she pulls it out and plays with the objects in various ways. I removed all the things that Anna doesn’t play with any longer from all the boxes, refilled our “Magic Folder” and set up four boxes on the upper shelf on the left as “learning boxes”:

  • The Writing box with pencils, markers, cardstock and all cards
  • The Math box (currently with a sorting activity to help her learn numbers 11 – 30, I’ll write about it in a separate post)
  • The collage box (Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep and Shannon at Mommies’ Little Artists are great motivators) with glue, scissors, scrap paper, stickers, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills box – currently with a lacing activity

I hope that I will be organized enough to change things in those boxes regularly to keep my daughter challenged and, hopefully, independently occupied. I also made some of her Kumon books accessible to her by moving it to a different location. I am curious how she will like the changes (she was enjoying her last day at preschool this year when I was working on this reorganization project) – I hope that she will be excited.


The Fifth Street Mama said...

I am in the same boat. I really need some ideas for rearranging and storing our school stuff in our kitchen/ living room in a very open floor plan :) I look forward to more of your organizing posts!

Our Little Family said...

Oh, I bet she will be thrilled! It looks so inviting and the options and possibilities are endless. Anna is such a bright girl and I'm sure that she'll have a great time creating with everything there.

And, I'm cracking up that she calls the dolls, Melissa and Doug! Ha!

It looks great! Let us know how she reacts!

Kim said...

This looks like a great setup. I hope she likes it!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The Melissa and Doug thing is hilarious!

Ticia said...

Yeah, the Melissa and Doug cracked me up as well.
I look forward to hearing what she thought of it.

Eva said...

awesome, I still have to change the activities in the activity organizer I made a while back!