Tuesday, December 22, 2009


On Sunday – Anna has found a small magnifying glass in her Advent calendar. It’s not a very good glass – it came from a party favor set that my husband picked up at a Dollar Tree. But she was extremely excited about it and kept saying how she never had a magnifying glass before. Everything was studied – her hands, water drops, crumbs, and, of course, her kitty. She was fascinated with how she can see details better. Unfortunately, it was pouring again yesterday, so we didn’t go out to look for creatures to explore and, fortunately, we don’t have any at home. I still want to get her a better quality glass eventually, because magnifying glass was one of the things that I enjoyed throughout my childhood. A nice way to introduce magnifying glass and its possibilities is Sid’s the Science Kid episode on magnifying glasses – Anna enjoyed watching it and can’t wait to see real roly poly.

For more science ideas for young children, visit Science Sunday.


MaryAnne said...

I want to get my kids a good magnifying glass too. I remember loving playing with a magnifying glass as a child.

I also have very fond memories of roly poly bugs from when I was a year or two older than Anna =)

Deborah J. Stewart said...

I guess no critters in your home is a good thing :)

What a great idea to give her a magnifying glass - all the exploration she can do.

Susana said...

Hanna and Joe LOVE magnifying glasses. I have never purchased a really nice one, but have just gotten several different kinds from Dollar Tree here lately. I know Little Tykes makes a really cool one though and so does Fisher Price.

I can't wait to see what she finds when you eventually make it outdoors!

Elise said...

I have not purchased a magnifying glass yet, it's not tool late for a last minute Christmas pressie, especially given that we are heading out his afternoon one last time. I remember reading somewhere ( I can't remember where) about an activity where you make a square with masking tape on a tree, the grass , anywhere really and then use your magnifying glass to examine everything within the "frame". Exploring all of the minute details would be fascinating.

Organisation of our activities and resources is also one of the first hings I want to get to after Christmas. I want Savvy to have more control over accessing and choosing her activities. I have felt a little restricted as I didn't want Blake to also have access! But I am trying to come up with solutions that will work for all of us. I really like your idea with the four boxes you have come up with for your upper shelf.

Play doh is perfect for independent play. Savvy usually just wants to do cookies or stamping as well. Often I provide other materials (straws, buttons, leaves, etc) with the play doh and she then comes up with all sorts of creations.

The girl who painted trees said...

We had a mini magnifying glass that I had gotten who knows where, but it didn't really magnify much, so we got Bear one in the office supply section of our grocery store. It's much bigger and magnifies more, but is still not the best. We made Borax crystal snowflakes today and Bear was really absorbed looking at them through her magnifying glass. We have a nature collection that she loves to look at through the magnifying glass.

She'll have so much fun with it.

Ticia said...

Magnifying glasses are so much fun.
I found a nice one over at Lakeshore Learning, so maybe check some local teacher supply stores for one.