Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The theme of the day in Online Advent Calendar was Dogs. I was not thrilled, since Anna is sort of indifferent to dogs. She is all about cats – both real and stuffed. Still, I decided to go with the program and thought about something that we can do that would involve dogs. Clifford quickly jumped to my mind with his perfectly season-appropriate colors. We didn’t have any seasonal Clifford Dec8_CliffordTree books at home, and the library was out of them, but we read Clifford’s First Snow Day before as well as Clifford’s Christmas. Our Clifford on a Christmas Tree was loosely based on Christmas Angel – we will read it next time we visit our bookstore. Anna was a little under the weather, and not thrilled about making the project, but she cheered up once I handed her a big can of new shape stickers. The end result is rather nice. and she proudly signed her name on her project. She didn’t want to glue Clifford (I got him from this page and colored him in PaintShop) – she insisted that he will be hanging on her art board on a separate magnet next to the tree.

Book of the day.

Happy Hanukkah Bisquit

Hanukkah starts on Saturday, and we are getting ready by reading some simple Hanukkah books. This one is pretty good (and perfect for a “dog day”), since it features one of Anna’s favorite characters. At this point it’s a little too simple in the language for Anna, but it hits all the Hanukkah highlights – candles, jelly donuts, dreidel games, latkes, and, of course, presents. Excitement about this holiday is definitely rises in the house :) I will review more Hanukkah books on Saturday in What My Child Is Reading.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I agree with Anna: cats over dogs any day.

I'm going to be posting some Urban Hanukkah books on Friday, too. I'll be curious to see what you've been reading.

Debbie said...

I love Anna's final project, especially how she proudly signed her name!

Elise said...

What a festive looking Christmas tree and it is so special because it has been signed by the artist herself.

Anna will certainly put a smile on the faces of those people who receive one of her creative cards.

Anna's story about Alexis sending out the Christmas cards was another gem. I particularly like that the cat was not naughty, he was just collecting all the Christmas cards to make one big Christmas card - what a great story!

Ticia said...

We love shape stickers here as well.
I'll disagree with her on the cats over dogs...... But, it's still a super cute craft.

Our Little Family said...

Ohh, you can tell from the picture that she was feeling a little under the weather. Poor girl.

Love the tree she created and I love even MORE her signature. What a smarty (I know I've said it before but she really is).

By the way, as for pipe cleaners and getting them smooth at the end... I sit and actually work the end (the sharp part) under the bead. It takes some finessing but eventually gets there. :)

Mari-Ann said...

Oh my goodness, Anna can sign her name?! Wow!! Very impressive! :)