Sunday, December 6, 2009


The topic of Activity Advent Calendar for December 5 was, conveniently enough, decorations. We decorated most of our tree without Anna, but left enough for her to help with. Yesterday I wrote about how unfazed she was about the artificial tree, but I was surprised to see the fact reflected in her story of the day. I had to say that I had to prompt her a lot with what/when/because/and then questions this time. Here it is:

Once upon a time there was a tree (my beginning after several stories that were entirely focusing on broken bodies, “scary reindeer” that our neighbors Dec5_AnnaTree_SM put up on their lawn and, of course, bones and muscles). On Christmas Eve Christmas Cat brought it home. But it was not a Christmas tree. It was just a fir tree. Real Christmas tree lived with cars in the garage. When Santa came, the cat took it out of the garage and put presents for a human named Anna under the tree. But the tree didn’t have any decorations – none, none, none. That’s because they ran out of decorations. So Dec5_BeadOrnaments_SMthey  put new decorations on the tree. (My question: Did they make new decorations?). No, mama! They buyed (bought) them in Target, of course! I guess the idea that you can make your own decorations didn’t quite stick even though Anna really enjoyed making several beaded ornaments today. It was one of the most successful projects lately, and we’ll probably make some more soon.

Books of the day (both from the library)

Deck the Hall

This is really a Christmas Carol where every line is described with illustrations. I liked it, because even though I understand spoken and written English perfectly, for some reason I cannot make out words in the songs. Well, now I know why for this particular song. Now we don our gay apparel – who on Earth is using those words today? When I was singing the song to Anna, my husband poked his head in and begged me to turn “the real music” on. I hope that Anna doesn’t inherit my total tone deafness :)

The Littlest Christmas Tree

It’s a very cute book. Nobody wants the littlest Christmas tree, but she finds home just in time for Christmas. There are several pages describing decorating the tree with self-made decorations in this book – perfect for our theme of the day. We really enjoy reading all the Christmas books and counting days until Christmas. Anna keeps asking if it’s Christmas Eve yet, then self-checks with her Christmas Calendar – no, there are still lots of candy on that calendar, daughter :)


Autumn said...

LOL, love her stories!

We did the beaded ornaments a few days ago, but they were a lot harder than I expected (at least for my part of having to shape them into stars). The boys enjoyed their part of putting the beads on. They liked playing with their creations more than putting them on the tree (one got shaped into a man, and a few others became "watches").

SANDRA said...

She tells wonderful stories.
I like the online Advent Activity calendar you are using.

We are following the Daily Activity guide from the Hubbard's cupboard site and books and ideas that I add.

Debbie said...

I just love Anna's stories. She has quite the imagination.

Pretty Tree!

Ticia said...

Her stories are so much fun. We're going to be putting a second tree upstairs for the kids to put whatever they want on it. I'll get to see how our kids react to the idea of putting a tree together from a box.

Annette said...

I am always amazed at Anna's stories. This was no exception.

Great fun!

Do you store an artificial tree in the garage?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We'll have to check out the Deck the Halls book - my children have been trying to sing it, but have been very creative in their wording :)

Susana said...

I love your tree, the beaded ornaments you guys made and all of the advent activities you've been doing.

You are doing so much with Anna Natalie!!

I hope our library has that Littlest Christmas Tree book this week.