Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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My very favorite online place to visit right now is Advent Calendar at Activity Village. Every day they reveal a page with all kinds of activities around one Christmas topic. I love their coloring activities because they are small in size and there are two of them on the page. I color one, and by the time I am done, Anna gets enthusiastic enough to color her own. The topic of December 2 was Candles. This is the first time when Anna used different colors in her coloring. We both were pleased, and I got an idea on how to extend this activity even more and create an awesome memory from this Christmas. I asked Anna to create a story with a word candle with it. We play this game quite often in the car, and sometimes her stories are quite elaborate and even rhyme. Today was not the day for an elaborate story, but here is what we got (I didn’t make any corrections in the story whatsoever)

Candle shining in the night. The candles are shining outside on our Christmas decorations. There is a kitty in the house, there are parents in the house, and there are two daughters in the house – Anna and kitty.

I plan to make an album of 24 evenings of December – a coloring page, a story and a picture of Anna from this day. I haven’t decided yet as to how I will make this album. We do our photo albums digitally, but I would have really liked to save her original coloring pages. On the other hand – digital memory tend to last longer and can be shared with several people. I think it would make a nice New Year present for Grandparents too. I am also hoping to make December stories a tradition in our house, since we all love creative storytelling.

I am also linking this post to Unplug Your Kids where the topic of the week is Writing


Elise said...

I had not yet come across the Advent calendar at The Activity Village - it is such a creative set up with the Christmas scene and I like that you have to find the numbers and click on them to reveal the activity. Thank you for sharing this great find. We will also be joining you with some of these activities. I agree, having copies of the colouring activity is fantastic. What a beautiful idea to create an album and include Anna's stories. Your family will always be able to look back on these treasured memories and they will make you happy.

What a neat idea to create a grid of Chrismtas crafts. Providing a choice usually sparks enthusiasm.

It's wonderful that Anna has been able to spend some time with her Grandparents. I hope you and your husband have had an opportunity to have some couple time. Like you, we have never left Savvy or Blakie with anyone apart from my mum and dad.

I love that Anna thought to turn her foam into salad - so creative. I like Anna's monster that she created.

Kim said...

You have such great links! Thanks for both of these. Anna colors really well. Crumpet still just scribbles all over the page. You could make a book out of Anna's stories and pictures - I think it's They'll turn your blog into a book too. I've just started working with the program but it seems pretty easy and I think the kids would be thrilled to have an actual book that they made!

Ticia said...

I'll have to go check out the Village. I love Anna's candle coloring. It's super cute.

MaryAnne said...

What a great extension idea for this activity! I put the kids' artwork in plastic acid-free page protectors, maybe that would work for this?

The girl who painted trees said...

That is a fabulous extension to have her tell a story. What a fantastic link, too. Thanks so much!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

This really is a special activity to do together. I think turning it into an album, that could easily be pulled out next year, and the next, is a great idea.