Saturday, December 5, 2009


We have set up our Christmas Tree yesterday, but didn’t fully decorate it yet. Anna was very excited, and was not fazed at all that our tree came in pieces from a box in the garage and not from the forest as described in her books. We bought it last year, and I am still impressed how natural it looks, even from up close. Instead we spent some time decorating the house and Dec4_Decorating_SM playing “find the turtle” game – Anna’s favorite. It was like a day after a storm – Anna was in a great mood and trying hard to “be a good girl”. In the evening we colored Christmas Cat page from Activity Village Calendar (Anna was more interested in signing her name and attempting to write the word “cat”), and she made up the story about a Christmas Cat. I was struggling to write it down, because she was going so quickly:

Once there was a cat. He lived with a daughter, a son, a mother and a father who cared for him. Then Christmas came. They took the cat outside and dressed him in a red jacket with a hood and… how do you name them? – openings for his paws. And they called him Christmas Cat. And now he is always Christmas Cat. And then the witch came and the wind blew, and the witch broke into pieces. Mama, draw me bones and muscles, please – many-many bones, and the bone where the brain is, and I will draw muscles.

Jingle Bells

The book of the day was Jingle Bells. The story is pretty neat and beautifully illustrated. Some of the parts were a little over Anna’s head – a naughty cat leaves Santa a message over mice’s stockings saying that they are gone for Christmas, and therefore their stockings are empty in the morning. In the end the mice with some help from a wise old rat deliver very clever revenge. Again, this is one of the books that all ages will find interesting to read.


Our Little Family said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE her story! She is such a clever, creative little girl.

Have fun decorating the tree. We will, most likely, be getting an artificial in after-Christmas sales this year.

MaryAnne said...

I love all the bones and muscles in Anna's stories! Your posts are giving many good Christmas story book ideas, thanks!

Autumn said...

It's great that you're writing all her stories down - she will surely treasure them when she's older!

BTW, have you seen software for publishing your blog to a book? We plan on doing it with our blog every January (for the previous year) using this site:

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Her stories are so funny! Lots of bones and muscles these days, huh? Maybe she will be a surgeon... and an author on the side. :)

Debbie said...

Anna cracks me up with her little stories. Do you feel with Anna like this seems to be her first Christmas? With all the excitement? I know it seems that way here with Selena.

Ticia said...

I love her stories! It amuses me how each kid I read about has different things they fasten on and want to insert into everything.