Saturday, November 28, 2009

We read a lot of books this week, but I wanted to focus on Thanksgiving books that we read in the past few weeks. Some more elaborate stories were way above my three year old’s head, and she couldn’t connect well to the stories that were entirely set in the past. Here is the list of favorites – mine and hers.

Round The Turkey

This book was Anna’s favorite among Thanksgiving books. It doesn’t talk at all about the history of the holiday, but the story unfolds around Thanksgiving dinner table where every member of a big clan talks about their most interesting event of the year. A lot of them are children, and Anna was fascinated with their stories. I also think she could link it to our own celebrations best.

Thanksgiving Day

I felt that this book by Anne Rockwell was the best in covering the history behind the holiday without going into too many details that are beyond the grasp of a three year old. In this book the story of Thanksgiving is presented in the context of a school play. There are some nice craft ideas too. The illustrations are bright and playful, and the text is short. I would say that this book is my favorite from non-fiction fare we read this year.

The Story of Thanksgiving

I will be honest – I didn’t expect this book to be as religious as it turned out to be. On the second page there is a reference how Pilgrims couldn’t have their own church in England, so they left for a new land. The word God is printed in big red letters, and Anna kept asking, Why does it say God all the time? Still, it’s also a good overview of the first story in a board book format with beautiful illustrations, and I think that Christian homes will enjoy it.

Rivka First Thanksgiving

This book was way over Anna’s head, and I am not sure if we will read it when it’s older, since again it’s highly religious, but delivers Judaism point of view on this holiday. We read it in the library, and Anna listened to it patiently, but didn’t ask any questions. I thought the story was rather clever, since it shows how Thanksgiving is not just a Christian holiday, but a holiday for all Americans grateful for a new land of freedom and opportunity.

What are your children reading? Please link up and share. The linky is open all week, and I love to visit other blogs and learn about new fantastic books.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I really like your variety of Thanksgiving books and I have not heard of any of these. Thanks for the recommendations - I'll have to keep these on my list for next year!

Katy said...

Thanksgiving Day sounds like something we should check out for next year. :)

Ticia said...

The Story of Thanksgiving is part of a series of books in that genre. I know we have another book from this series, and they're all about the religious significance of that particular holiday. They are great for their intended purpose. Lots of great books ya'll read. I'll have to see if I can find any of them when I check out the post-Thanksgiving sales. I've noticed my Thanksgiving books are sadly lacking.