Saturday, November 7, 2009

We had some fun books to read this week. It was hard to pick four to review, since our opinions differed at times. However, after some consideration, I narrowed down the “winners”. All the books in this review are library books. I just love our library.

Everyone Poops

This was definitely a hands down winner for Anna. I swear that I read about this book on one of the blogs who link to WMCIR, but despite my heroic efforts I couldn’t find who it was. Anna was enthralled with this book, and we read it untold number of times. Obviously we read it on the toilet, and she was very pleased when she managed to go #2 while reading this book. I believe now what I heard before – young children have universal fascination with their body products. At least she doesn’t want to investigate it up close since her papa totally freaked when she did it as a young toddler.

Bear Day Out

The author of Bear’s Day Out is Michael Rosen, who also wrote We Are Going On a Bear Hunt. I like Bear Hunt more, but Anna fell in love with this book. To her eyes it’s better, because there is no conflict and no mad running from the bear. In fact, Bear visits the city and listens to city sounds as he walks around. Again, we read this book so many times that Anna memorized it and was reading it to herself.

Alphabet Mystery

I have never heard of this book by Audrey Wood before. As I found out later, it’s actually the second book in the three book series. I loved the story and beautiful illustrations. Anna didn’t request the book as much as I thought she would. It turned out that she is afraid of Monster M even though later in the book he becomes quite nice. My gentle soul here really prefers books without even a slight hint of a conflict.

The greatest power

I was hoping to get An Empty Pot by Demi that was featured on several blogs lately, but my library didn’t have it. Instead they had this book by the same author. It was way over Anna’s head both in language and in subject, but I truly enjoyed it. The message of the book is very powerful, and older children will like it. Interestingly, Anna asked to keep this book for another week. Her reasoning was, It’s long, and I like long books.

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Elise said...

I always enjoy the variety that you have in your selection of books.

I think Savvy would really enjoy Bear's Day Out and I will be looking for this particular book when we are next out and about.

inneedofchocolate said...

We've also enjoyed Maisy's Nature Walks. Everybody Poops is one of those potty-training classics we've never read. I should check it out.

Mari-Ann said...

Great selection - I'll have to see if I can find Alphabet Mystery here. Thanks for sharing!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

We just read We're going on a bear hunt this morning (And last night, and the day before...)

But... there is conflict cause the family is running from the bear, sure. But I don't think the bear wants to eat them -- I really think he wants to play. I can hardly bear the heartbreak in the set of his shoulders when he has to go home alone. We think this is a sad book, not a scary one. (though my son loves the anticipation)

How do you do those adorable Amazon widgets?

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Alphabet Mystery is one of M's favorites. We'll have to look for Bear's Day Out! Thanks!

Katy said...

Bear's Day Out sounds like something my kids would like. Great group of books you guys are reading! :)

MaryAnne said...

Four books we haven't read - thanks for the reviews!

I also read about that "Everybody Poops" book somewhere - probably by clicking through your linky because I did a search in my reader and nothing turned up...

Susana said...

HA! Everyone Poops looks funny!!

So, how is Monster Math?

The Greatest Power has peaked my curiousity as has Bear's Day Out.

You always have good books to share each week--thank you!

Julie said...

That alphabet series looks like something my kids would love!

Cara said...

I think my son would love Alphabet fact, I think I already have it on his wishlist. I've been intrigued by Everyone Poops, and I'll bet my son, who is just starting to potty train, would enjoy that one too!

Ticia said...

I hadn't heard of the Alphabet one by Audrey Wood before, I love her bear books. I'll have to find it.
Yeah, my kids go through phases of being obsessed with body functions. I suppose it's funny.....

Amy said...

Thanks for linking up your post to Read Aloud Thursday!

I'm not familiar with Bears Day Out, 'though we've LOVED Going on a Bear Hunt around here. I'll have to look it up.

Everyone Poops---> :-) My girls would probably like this one, too.

Great selection! I'll come back and link up on Saturday if I get a chance.