Saturday, November 21, 2009

I already covered some of our dinosaur books here, but we also read other books this week. In fact, only one of a dozen dinosaur books made it into top four.

Baby Can't Sleep

Anna really enjoyed this creative counting book. It has a lot of humor as exhausted parents try to get their wakeful baby to sleep – something well familiar to every new parent. This was one of the books that Anna easily memorized and then read to herself by really trying to decode every word and match the words on the page to the words in her memory. I also liked whimsical illustrations by Viviana Garofoli.

Dora Reading Adventures

I was looking for Dora book Follow Those Feet! that Growing Up Our Style used to learn about animal tracks, and found a book that contained four more Dora reading stories. We don’t watch Dora any longer, but Anna loves books with her (still not a big fan of Swiper). This book is done in rebus style – a lot of high frequency words have a picture and a text under it. Anna didn’t attempt to read it by herself yet – we just got it on Wednesday, but she asked for it repeatedly every time we sat down to read. Now it moved to her “reading in bed” shelf – she sometimes looks at the books during the time when she is supposed to be napping.

Green Puppy Dentist

As you can see, we read a lot of character books. I resisted them at first, but Anna enjoys them, so I am trying to pick those that are related to something she is interested in. Her fascination with all things dental continues, and she requested this book a lot. There is no real dentist in the book, but Blue goes through steps explaining Green Puppy what to expect in the dentist office. Anna enjoyed playing dentist with me this week.

T Rex Tricks Or Treats

Halloween is over, but Anna enjoyed reading this fun book about four dinosaur friends going trick-or-treating. The dinosaurs in the book coexist with modern kids who are not exactly thrilled about their trick-or-treating competitors. It was fun to read about T-Rex who wanted to wear something scary for Halloween, but ended up going like himself wearing a big frown. As I mentioned, Anna enjoyed books that made dinosaurs more human, so that was the one that she requested most.

What are your children reading? Please link up and share. This linky is open all week, so you can link up on the day that is convenient for you. And… you will get three additional chances to win my Bob books giveaway.


The girl who painted trees said...

I'll be looking for that counting book! Please don't forget my extra entries for the Bob books! (last week too!) Bear is showing a lot of interest in reading alone now so I'm hoping I win!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I think we have read that counting book... it looks very familiar. We read some character books (Clifford mainly and Curious George), they are ok in moderation. For some reason kids are just drawn to those!

Katy said...

My daughter loves Blue's Clues books. :)

Cindy said...

We need to check out the Blue's dentist book. I need to make an appt for Drew's first visit and this will give him an idea of what is going to happen. Thanks.

And thanks for the Bob ooks giveaway. Hope we win!

Debbie said...

I can see that Anna had a lot of fun reading this week. I will have to look for the counting book. That sounds like one that Selena would enjoy!

Susana said...

I agree, the counting book sounds like a good one.

Joe LOVES the TRex Halloween book!

You always share fun books--some we enjoy too, but I always find new ones as well--thanks.

Cara said...

I bet my son would love the Green Puppy book. He loves Blues Clues, and we've read a few of the books.

MaryAnne said...

Emma would love that green puppy book.

I'm going to try to link up to this for my post tomorrow...