Monday, November 2, 2009

Christy at Superheroes and Princesses has a weekly Top 5 linky. This week topic was Halloween candy, but I am not really a candy person, so I decided to write about my favorite Halloween experiences this year. I want to make a disclaimer – I never liked this holiday before I had my daughter. We didn’t celebrate it back home, I don’t like gore, and neither does my husband. It’s amazing how life changes once you have kids :)Corduroy Best Halloween

1. Halloween books. We read many of them all October. Some of them were over Anna’s head, and she truly enjoyed some of them. It’s a big difference from a year back when any mention of costumes freaked her out. This time she appreciated the silliness of the holiday a lot better even though anything involving ghosts still didn’t appeal to her. Hey, there is always next year.


2. Halloween Crafts. We have done a lot of them this year. Our creativity has been helped by Open-Ended Art linky where Shannon led all of us through creative challenges of open-ended crafts with black-and-white, pumpkins and other fun Halloween colors. Anna also did gazillion of Halloween projects in her preschool and got to paint her own pumpkin.


3. Pumpkins. There were lots of them this month. Pumpkin books to read, pumpkin-shaped cookies to bake, pumpkin crafts to make at home and in school, a pumpkin to see on a farm, a pumpkin to paint and a pumpkin to carve. Shall I say – too many pumpkins? I am trying now to get excited about turkeys.


4. Costumes. Again, there is a big difference with the last year where Anna was practically forced into her store-bought Kangaroo costume. This year she was thrilled to be a witch and begged to have her face painted. And both of our costumes (except hats) were sewn by her awesome papa, who can create anything if he is interested in the project.


5. Actual trick-or-treating and candy. We went trick-or-treating in the morning in the downtown, and it was fun. Well, we had to have a talk first, since Anna marched into the first couple of stores saying, I want candy! instead of Trick or treat! The much anticipated evening trick-or-treating was a bust. Anna freaked after seeing adults in fluorescent skeleton costumes and after one door was opened by a real bad witch. She dropped her bag, said, I want to go home! and ran for her life. She did enjoy the chance of eating a lot more candy that she is normally allowed. Now we have to cut back to normal rations, and I don’t see it being easy :) My daughter has inherited a giant sweet tooth of her father. Between two of them Halloween candy stands no chance.


Christy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your take on this top five! Great idea. Thanks.

Our Little Family said...

Love this post! I HAVE been reading but just not commenting as much lately. BUT, I just had to say how much I disliked Halloween before Maddie, too. Well, maybe not "dislike," but I was certainly not enthusiastic. But now, I love to see how excited SHE gets, which makes ME excited. :)

Glad Anna had such a great holiday. Maddie, too, freaked out with the evening trick or treating (said she had to go potty, which really just meant that she wanted to go home) but we still had a blast with everything else!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I'm so glad Anna enjoyed her Halloween! She is adorable in her costume. :)

Susana said...

I'm with you on the crafts!

LOVE the two pictures of you and Anna!!

whisperingwhispers said...

It looks like Anna enjoyed her Halloween, well until she got scared.

Selena thought all the kids were having a Halloween Party and wanted to know where her presents were.

There is talk for next year of doing a Harvest Carnival at the church, which I think will be much more enjoyable, then having teenager pounding our front door in with their fists, and leaning on the door bell for 5 minutes, she didn't like that at all!

Tara Rison said...

It is so much fun to experience holidays with children. They make the holidays magical and so memorable.

Ticia said...

We had the same problem on our first trick or treat run with the boys. A neighbor had dressed up in a super scary outfit, and the boys weren't going to come near him.
Oh, and make sure to go by Barnes and Noble this week to pick up clearanced Halloween books for next year.