Friday, November 13, 2009



We received Anna’s first official “progress report” from her preschool. She is thriving there. The teachers wrote among other things that she “has amazing talent” and “her ability to read is way beyond age-appropriate”. What made me especially happy is the phrase, “She has outrageous positive energy, and we just love her”. It might appear sometimes from my posts that she is a very serious child, but she can be such a funny bunny sometimes, and we all love to play physical games of chasing and tickling.

I have a friend at work who has a very bright son one year older than Anna. She warned me that as children get older, it gets harder and harder to get them to do what we want them to do – they choose their own activities. It was very evident this week. We played a lot, we read books, we did some arts, but we didn’t have any sort of “sit down” school outside of Progressive Phonics.

Nov8_Words_SM Phonics. We do “reading words” every night right before starting our night routine. It became part of the ritual. Sometimes we read one page out of Progressive Phonics, sometimes ten. Basically, we go as long as Anna wants. We finished Long Y book and started on n-endings. I would say that Anna’s reading is definitely far into “emergent” now – she can read very many sight words and starts to really follow the text and not the picture when we read together. c


Math. We didn’t do anything special for math this week, but puzzles are great for visual discrimination and for spatial reasoning. Puzzles are not Anna’s strong point. I had to help her quite a bit with this one, but because of the colors it was fairly difficult to figure out where the pieces belong. She still struggles on putting the frame pieces together, but I hope that she will get to like puzzles as time progresses.

BB visit the dentist

Science. We watched Sid the Science Kid episode about teeth and brushing, and Anna spent the rest of the week talking and asking questions about teeth. This Berenstain Bears book is pretty good in describing various instruments in the doctor office. One evening Anna asked an interesting question, Are teeth bones. We went to the computer to investigate together and found out that teeth are not bones, even though it was hard for her to comprehend why. The other night she wanted to see the picture of molars and incisors (yes, she said molars and incisors), because she suddenly remembered those words from Sid’s episode. It’s fun when we can incorporate computer research in our everyday life so naturally. I wonder what my parents were doing when they were stumped by my “why”s.


Arts and Crafts. As always, we participated in Open-Ended Art (painting with feathers was fun, cleaning those feathers off the furniture… not so much) and StArt. We also made handprint turkeys – I will write about them next week. I don’t think it was a very good crafting week – somehow I always had to cajole her into doing something. I am hoping that the things will change once we have a designated arts area.

To check out what other children are up to, visit two great weekly wrap-ups: Preschool Corner and Learning Through Love.


whisperingwhispers said...

That is a great School Report!

Yes, your friend is correct it is harder to get them to cooperate for a while here, but take into mind that their little brains have done so much development that their bodies are struggling to keep up. I see this with Selena a lot more these days.

I love the first picture of Anna, her enthusiasm just shines!

MaryAnne said...

The other day Emma was talking to Mike on the phone (he was out of town) and she said, "We went to the endodontist and kids were really good." All true, but I was very surprised that she knew the word "endodontist" - I had only said it a couple of times in her presence!

Susana said...

Thanks for sharing the Berenstein Bears book--Joe loves these books.

Anna looks soooo happy and precious in that first picture!

Virginia Lee said...

Congrats on a wonderful school report. I love that first picture of Anna.

Cara said...

What a glowing progress report! That's always great news for any mommy to hear, and it is clear that you are spending lots of time enriching your daughter's life.

I know what you mean about your child not wanting to do what you want them to son has NOT been interested in many sit down Tot School activities this week either! Doesn't bode well for when he is older!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

My parents had an encyclopedia at home when I was growing up. (Funk & wagnall's? I think)

Ticia said...

Congrats on everyone loving Anna. She really is a great kid from all I can see.
It's funny to me what sticks with the kids when you read them books or they see stuff on TV, I've had the experience too of them remembering the random vocabulary word. It's rather weird.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a great report about school! It's so good to know she is happy and enjoying it and that they are enjoying her!! You must be a very proud mommy!

Mari-Ann said...

Glowing reports are music to a mommy's ears! Well done on helping her to become one smart little lady!

sbswtp said...

great week!! How fantastic that she got such a wonderful report:)

Kim said...

So glad Anna is doing so well in school, and that she is so clearly enjoying it. I know you were worried before the year started. Congrats on finding the right place for her!

SANDRA said...

Glad to hear she is doing well.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment! I just love meeting all sorts of moms through blogging. It's the best! Btw, sweet little girl :)

Mrs Adept said...

Loved the school report. You had a great week. Our routine is currently messed up because we are packing and moving. Hoping we can get back into a routine as quick as possible. :)