Thursday, November 5, 2009



I’ll be honest – when I saw that the theme of the week is another collage I was less than optimistic about the outcome. Anna is not a big fan of mosaics and collages, and my setup didn’t really appeal to her. I cut some shapes and hoped that she will make something out of them. Mostly she treated it as a scissors skill practice and promptly cut my shapes into smaller pieces. I didn’t have “Matisse talk” with her, since I didn’t have any books about him, and I didn’t want to start the discussion about famous artists with looking at their works on a computer. I want to take her to a real art museum first. Anyway, here is a completed “masterpiece”:Nov4_OEA2

To see other “Matisse collages”, visit Open-Ended Art.


Julie said...

You know, there are a lot of times when I have these great ideas and my kids have absolutely no interest! It's frustrating, but she probably had a great time cutting those pieces up! That's a good skill to work on and it was entertaining to her. So that's all that matters, right? :)

Michelle said...

Emily was so not into collages for the longest frustrated me to no end! It really drove me crazy when I took her to Gymboree Art and paid a ton of money for her to glue 2 pieces and be all finished!!!!

Ticia said...

Think of all the scissors practice she got in.
We couldn't find any books either. It was rather disappointing, and I thought the same thing about showing pictures on the computer.

Zonnah said...

I am so happy I am not alone. My sons looks just like hers, simple but beautiful :)

The girl who painted trees said...

I would have preferred for Bear to see art in a museum first, but oh well.

Seeing his images on the computer (she only really saw two) and knowing he was an artist who used to paint but then was stuck in bed and couldn't so he used scissors gave Bear a LOT of motivation. Now when she sees a Matisse in a museum she may relate to it better.

Anyway, Anna got scissor practice and it was truly open ended art as you let her determine the end product so you did a wonderful job!

Kim Baise said...

Good job! A museum trip is what we need too, thanks for the idea. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it. i will be back to dive in when I get another moment of free time :)