Thursday, November 26, 2009


Both myself and my husband are first generation immigrants, so Thanksgiving has special meaning for us. We were not taught from the cradle that America is the best place in the world. In fact, both of us don’t think that there is one place in the world that can be called the best place to live. We had choices and we have made them. We are grateful to America and Americans for many things:

  1. Still being a land of opportunity for immigrants, at least for those who enter here legally like we did.
  2. Accepting us as equals
  3. Appreciating our non-American education
  4. Valuing intelligence and drive
  5. Respecting differences in opinions
  6. Giving us friends from all over the world – Americans, Indians, Israelis, Chinese, other fellow Europeans from many countries.

There is no other country in the world that is so diverse and peaceful in the diversity. Let’s be grateful to America for what it is, but let’s strive to return to what it used to be – a symbol of hope, freedom and justice to the rest of the world.


Debbie said...

What a wonderful post!

Your insight into what America is now and what it use to stand for is just the way I know that I see it.

I am proud to be an American just for these reasons, and I do hope to for it to return to the way our founding fathers desired America to be.

I do not think there is a perfect Country but we can strive for a better World!

MaryAnne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I like your vision for America.

SANDRA said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Orange Juice said...

what a great message! I love hearing from your prospective.

Ticia said...

What a great post! YOu really do give us such a wonderful perspective. That was very encouraging. Thank you.

Katie said...

Well I don't necessarily always think Thanksgiving is the best country in the world, although I am certainly very happy to have been adopted and to have grown up here. For me thanksgiving is more about being thankful for what we have like our family, friends, etc. and not necessarily about just being American. Although come to think of it, I am certainly very thankful for that too.

Diana said...

Beautifully put.