Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have mentioned before that our best friend has recently bought a sailboat. We had a chance to try it out on Sunday. Anna was very excited about the trip – she couldn’t wait to go sailing since same friends gave her a life vest as a birthday present. She was “practicing” at home several times – pretending to “swim to the boat” in her life vest and then “go sailing”. She was disappointed when we explained to her that she won’t get to do any swimming, only sailing. We sailed in San Francisco Bay for about 7 hours with a stopover at the Angel Island, and she behaved really well. She kept herself from falling asleep by talking non-stop. The  weather was awesome – no fog, fairly warm wind for our Bay and very calm seas. We watched sun setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge, saw Zeppelin NT fly over our heads and watched a full moon as we finally came back to Alameda harbor. I am almost afraid to take Anna sailing again – this first time was just picture perfect. Still, I am looking forward to doing at again soon.





whisperingwhispers said...

What fun!
It looks like Everyone had fun!

I love being out on the water. Your description takes me back to when I was in San Fransisco.

Ticia said...

What an amazingly awesome trip! You're so lucky to have a friend with a boat that took you out on it.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

It sounds beautiful! I'm glad she had such a nice experience for her first sailing trip. :) I love the comment about her talking non-stop to keep herself awake, lol. That happens around here too it seems. Great post!!

Susana said...

Now this is awesome!! A family friend of ours has a sailboat and I have wanted for a few years now to take Hanna out--I guess Joe is old enough to appreciate this now too!

Glad you got this opportunity. Wonderful family memories. Great pictures too!