Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is our first experiment with child-led learning. Anna chose dinosaurs out of nine options. Of course, we started our Dinosaur week with a visit to the library. We took a bunch of dinosaur books by Bernard Most. I highly recommend ABC T-Rex – it’s an interesting take on alphabet books, and each page has variety of items starting with that letter.

Dinosaur Train

Electronic edutainment. We also recorded a couple of episodes of Dinosaur Train and visited PBS site for Dinosaur Train. I gave Anna a set of plastic dinosaurs that I got at $1 section of Target some time ago, and we attempted to find them in the Field Guide for Dinosaur Train. As far as we could tell, we have two ankylosauruses and two diplodocuses (or maybe those are apatosauruses, I cannot tell them apart). Anna was disappointed that she didn’t get any pteranodons, since those flying creatures are her favorites in the show.


Crafts. I showed Anna DLTK page of dinosaur crafts and asked if she wants to make any of them. She chose to do this triceratops, but it was a pretty lame craft. Anna didn’t want to color the dinosaur, and I had to help her quite a bit with all the steps in making it. Usually she is a lot more independent in this kind of projects, but her motivation was clearly not there. However, she enjoyed playing with a completed TP figure and was sending her plastic dinosaurs through a “triceratops tunnel”.

We will be doing more later this week, I hope. In the meantime visit Adventures in Mommydom. Great minds think alike – she just had great week with her kiddos and has some links to share.


Mom and Kiddo said...

We love "If the dinosaurs came back"! My son also likes "If Dinosaurs Came with Everything." I'm always on the hunt for book recommendations!

whisperingwhispers said...

Selena and I need to do a unit on dinosaurs. She enjoys watching Dinosaur Train when we allow her to.

Great start to your unit!

Adriana said...

I am sure that I have mentioned that D is dino-crazy. He has been for almost two years now. I will post some of our favorite dinosaur books this week for WMCIR. We have a ton and most of them are in English.

Elise said...

Savvy mentioned tonight before she went to sleep that she wants to hang dinosaurs from our Christmas tree, mmmm, not sure about that one!!. She has recently developed an interest in dinosuars and it is an area which we will learn more about together. I must admit my knowledge of dinosaurs is pretty limited, but I am always up for learning new things.

I am interested to hear about the Dinosaur activities and books Anna was particularly interested in.

Jeanette said...

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything is our favorite dino book right now. My kids have never gotten super into dinosaurs, yet. I suppose there is still time. :-)