Saturday, October 17, 2009

We had a very busy reading week. Between our library visit, a library book sale haul and Scholastic book sale we had probably about 40 new (to us) books in the house. I definitely don’t have a problem of choosing books in the library any longer. I come with a long list of recommendations from my Internet friends, and I also pick up books from the authors Anna liked in the past. My blogging friends will see some of their books in my Widget, but this week I will focus on the books that we discovered on our own:

Mama Day

We picked this book from “new books” shelf in the library. It’s a very sweet story with simple verses, not a lot of text on the page and beautiful illustrations. Anna was slightly confused by the fact that some pictures had children of her age, but the text referred to them as “babies”. Baby is a bad word to her, she so desperately wants to be “a big girl”. Still, she liked the book, and it was very calming to read directly before bed.

The cow that went oink

I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the title and by illustrations. My expectations were exceeded. It’s really a great book, and I love books that make Anna giggle. It’s a little silly, but it also carries powerful messages of friendship and of perseverance, not to mention that it’s a perfect book for any farm units, since it pictures practically every farm animal you could possibly think of.

A Friend for Frances

Anna and I know about Care Bears from a workbook that I picked up at a Dollar Tree. I picked up this book at a library book sale, and Anna couldn’t put it down for days. I had to push back a little, because it’s really long and not a good book to read if you are in a hurry. Otherwise the story is really nice, and Anna was able to comprehend it easily. She was also fascinated by the first page describing various Care Bears. These books only features three of them. I might look for other Care Bears books in the library in the future.

Mr Potato Head

It’s another library book sale find. I am not a big fan of “toy books”, but this one is nicely done. Each page is split into three, and each third has a piece of Mr Potato Head and the text on the other side. You can build wacky Potato Heads that way or just assemble “normal” Potato Heads – a scientist, a rock star (Anna is most confused with that one), a scuba diver, etc. It’s a good prop for “What people do all day” discussions or for pretend games. She likes it better than the real Mr Potato Head that collects dust in her room.

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inneedofchocolate said...

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck is one of our favorites. It looks like you had a great reading week. We now almost always leave the library weighed down by all our selections.

Ticia said...

If you like "The Cow that Went Oink," you'll also like "Cock-a-Doodle-Moo," super cute by the same author/illustrator. I haven't been able to find the one you read, but when my boys were 2 that was all they wanted me to read. We practically wore that book out. They still love it now, and so does my little Princess.

Katy said...

The Cow That Went OINK sounds cute! :)

You might want to label your post so it shows up with your other Weekly Reading posts--I linked from my site to your posts labeled Weekly Reading.

whisperingwhispers said...

I must look for the Care Bear book, Selena has so many Care Bears that she just loves to play with.

MaryAnne said...

those first two books sound especially interesting - thanks for the reviews!

Susana said...

We love Draw Me a Star Papa, and Are You My Mother? too.

The Mix and Match Book looks good to me--one Joe and Jack would like.

Thanks for more great books:-).

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I will have to look for the Cow that Went Oink - it sounds like something Matthew would love! That Mr. Potato head book looks like a lot of fun too!

Cindy said...

We had the Cow that Went Oink and my older loved it. We read it all the time. And now I can't find it anywhere so, my little man has never heard it. I will have to get it from the library.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Monsters were on our mind this week. Bet my kids would love the Cow that Went Oink as well! Thanks for linking at Brimful Curiosities.

Julie said...

I'm going to try to find the Cow that Went Oink too. I think my kids would love it!

Cara said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a lot of new books in your house this week. I think my son would love The Cow That Went Oink. Adding that one to our next library list!