Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The topic of the week at Mommies Wise Little Bookworms is Pumpkins. To tell you the truth, I am a little tired of them. We have read probably ten different books about pumpkins in September and October. Our absolute favorite was this one:

It is pumpkin time

If you decide to read only one book about the pumpkins, consider this book. It combines nicely a fact-based story with engaging drawing and simple text that appeals to young children.


We also made sure that we see actual pumpkins this year. Our papa didn’t want to go to a pumpkin patch, but we went to a farm and saw some pumpkins still on the vines. One of our neighbors grows a small vegetable garden in the front yard, and Anna made a lot of comments about his pumpkin. She can’t wait for it to become a jack-o-lantern.


Of course, we did many pumpkin crafts. Anna brought several pretty pumpkins from school – suncatcher, collage, pumpkin prints, etc. My favorite craft that we did at home was Anna’s take on Five Pumpkins Sitting On the Gate. The only thing that we didn’t do was actual pumpkin carving and eating pumpkin. My husband is not a big fan of either, but maybe he’ll change his mind next year.

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Susana said...

You're funny!! Well, you can move on to turkeys next week--maybe:-)?

We enjoy this book too. I liked your activity for Five Pumpkins too.

Virginia Lee said...

We read and loved this book as well. I'm guessing no pumpkins for you all in November. =)


Ticia said...

Not even pumpkin pie? Oh how sad.
I love the picture of Anna with that pumpkin, it looks huge, it's half the size of her.

whisperingwhispers said...

I couldn't even get Selena interested in Pumpkins anymore, after the pumpkin pie, she moved on to squash! I am glad that Anna got to go see a pumpkin on the farm, that is such a great picture of her. I planned a trip to the pumpkin patch, but once they opened for business, the rains started. Missed it again this year! Selena has enjoyed seeing all the different pumpkins here on the various blogs, but she didn't even want to paint or craft any pumpkins, that is food remember!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

I hear ya I LOVE pumpkins but ready to move on to something else! :)

Adriana said...

We are a little pumpkined-out over here too. :)

Autumn said...

We got 4 little pumpkins (sugar pumpkins) from a pumpkin patch and drew faces on them. The boys have had a blast playing with them. They were so worth buying. Sometime next month I'm going to cook them up, but for now they're our little friends. :)

SANDRA said...

That book you read sounds like good book to read to Toddlers. It's great that you saw pumpkins on the vine.

Her 5 pumpkins on the fence look adorable. She did a great job!

{lauren} said...

Thanks for visiting and your comment..I appreciated that very much:) My husband and I are both ready to move on from pumpkins...he's actually ready for the Christmas tree already! I like your pumpkin crafts, though...we did a five little pumpkins picture this week too with fingerprint pumpkins:)

Elise said...

Pumpkins, Turkeys, then Christmas trees and Santa. Here in Australia, we don't really do the pumpkin thing so I have been fascinated to see how big this is in other parts of the world.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I am a little pumpkined-out myself! There are just so many things you can do with them! :) I love this post. Just two more days and you can move on to the turkey crafts and activities. :)