Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s a fun Top Five Friday at Superheroes and Princesses. Christy has asked us to share top five toys our children play and what we want for them for Christmas.

Like every other kids, Anna uses “non toys” widely. I wrote about her love of all the things that she can find in nature. She plays a lot with a small blue carpet that we have and pretends that it’s an airplane, a swimming pool, a car, etc. But in the interests of people looking for potential Christmas presents, I will focus on actual toys that she plays with.


This toy came from my mom when Anna was about 9 months old, and it’s her most treasured possession and her best buddy. I didn’t have an idea then that it’s actually a character from Blue Clues. Well, I sure do now :) After 2 years of non-stop toddler love our Periwinkle looks pale blue and worn out, but she (it’s a girl here) is truly irreplaceable. I think every child should have a special stuffed friend like Periwinkle.

Doodle Board

We don’t have an exact this version of Doodle board. In fact, we have three different ones of different sizes. One is on the fridge and for travel, another big one is the main one, and yet another one is in Anna’s room. She likes to doodle more than she likes to draw on paper, because she can erase at will and not worry her perfectionist little head about “bad drawing”.

Doctor Kit

This is an exact doctor kit that we have. Anna got it last birthday from my parents. She loves it and actually plays more with it now than she did in the past. It’s not very fancy, but good enough as a first doctor kit. I know that she wants to play doctor when she marches up to me and says, Are you sick, mama? Say “Yes!”

Kitchen Set

Our big gift for Anna’s second birthday was a play kitchen from Target. She likes it… but she likes her kitchenware a lot more. As I mentioned before, every activity usually ends with pretend cooking. She also has playfood, but I almost wish she had none. Her imagination works just as well with pompoms, cut paper, erasers or any other small objects, and I like it a lot more when she plays with those things than with her plastic food.


We got this inside tent for Anna recently, and it’s a perfect place for her pretend games. We don’t have it out all the time due to space limitations, but she is so excited when she gets to play there. It extends any game she plays, and she also liked to drag her books into her tent and read them there. Usually, however, she wants one of us to join her for a “snack” or for “tea party”, and then it gets tight there :)

As I was thinking of the list, I really wanted to put Lego blocks up there, but I have to admit the obvious – Anna is not that interested in Lego… yet. I do hope that she inherits her papa’s enthusiasm for Lego blocks – he loves to play with them.

And now… on to my toy wish list for Anna’s Birthday (I am not thinking Christmas yet). I don’t expect that she gets all of them, but I gave hints to few loving relatives and thoughtful friends :)


Christy said...

We love a lot of those toys too. My kids love play food and kitchenware but I'm thinking of giving away our play kitchen because they never use it. Weird.

You have great items on your wish list!

MaryAnne said...

We have the see & spell toy from your wish list, and both Emma and Johnny love it!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

great list we had a cute tent till the border collie destroyed it in seriously like 5 minutes!

Annette said...

I wish we had a favorite stuffed animal...but we have a blanket instead I guess.

The girl who painted trees said...

The see and spell is on my wishlist. I just bought her the Beleduc girl puzzle but we haven't received it yet.

Ticia said...

We have a lot of those on the wishlist, or they're on our wishlist. I was actually thinking of making a similar one for my little girl, whose birthday is also in November. said...

We have that same Do A Dot set and really like them, but I wish they came with black and brown. We've really missed those colors this fall. May have to try to pick them up on their own.

Jenny said...

Great list. My daughter loves her doctor's kit set.

Susana said...

Stuffed animals are such a hit here too, as well as play food, cookware and our kitchen set!

I want those dot paints too!! I've had them on my list for a while now.