Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthdays are fun at Anna’s preschool. A birthday child brings something sweet to school, and there are songs and games to celebrate. So yesterday my husband set about making cupcakes for Anna’s birthday at school. He used the new form and cupcake liners for the first time, and the first 18 came out somewhat burned. Undeterred, he mixed another batch and put them in the oven. I came back into the kitchen after Anna went to bed and taste one:

Me: They are very bitter! They are inedible. What went wrong?

DH: No, it’s because they burned. I am making a new batch.

Me: What are those red spots on them?

DH (surprised): I don’t know. There is nothing red in my recipe.

So the next batch of 18 cupcakes comes out of the oven, and they look perfect except for those mysterious red spots. We taste one and have to spit it out. At this point it’s 10 pm. We go over the recipe that was used in the past. DH swears that the only difference is cupcake liners that were used for the first part ever. He says that now it’s the matter of principle to make another batch and bake it without cupcake liners. In the meantime I rush to the grocery store to get premade cupcakes “just in case”

I come back home and my husband sheepishly says, Umm… There was one variant in the recipe. We were out of mineral water, so I added Club Soda instead.

Me: But it’s not the same! Taste it – Club Soda is a little bitter. And it has those two chemical compounds that mineral water doesn’t have.

DH: Oops, red spots again. Here go another 18 cupcakes. We are going with the ones you brought.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t try something new on the evening before your daughter birthday.
  • Club Soda and mineral water are NOT the same
  • My husband rocks (but I knew it already).


The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh no! I do have to laugh though. I have a friend whose husband tried to bake an apple pie. The recipe called for lard so there he was cutting fat off of the bacon ant throwing it in to the bowl.
I can tell your Husband is a much more accomplished cook than that :)

whisperingwhispers said...

I am chuckling right now. After years of decorating cakes, I decided last year, since I was sick and feeling sorry that Selena was not getting the usual birthday party, I decided to make her cake myself. I finally found the pictures a couple of months ago. I was floored, that was the ugliest cake I have ever decorated. Boy I was worse off then I thought! But you know these times will turn into the memories that all will laugh at someday and truly treasure!

Christy said...

Oh no! That is horrible. At least you were prepared. Just curious, why do you use mineral water in the cupcake recipe?

Ticia said...

by the same token, condensed milk is not just milk that you can add water to. If you use it in macaroni and cheese it will taste horrible.
I'm glad you were able to get new cupcakes in time.

Eva said...

oh my! mysterious red spots! good thing you bought back up cupcakes :)

Our Little Family said...

What a story! You have a very determined hubby on your hands. :) At least you all learned some good lessons, right? :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

You are so funny! Wow, he has some dedication to make 3 batches of cupcakes! Good thing you went out to buy some!!

Susana said...

OK, this is bad, and I'm sorry, is also a very funny and entertaining post!!

I ruined Hanna's bday cake if you remember:-). Totally agree with you about not trying anything new the night before, didn't work for me either:-).