Friday, October 9, 2009

Oct6_Witch This week was rather productive. Anna was in a good mood most of the time, and a joy to be with. She loves her preschool a lot now and brings home many interesting crafts of “messy glittery kind”. When I ask her, What was your favorite part of school today, she usually says, I can’t choose, they were all good! That’s what I like to hear, and it also cracks me up that she wants to play school so much at home. We have circle time that is led by her, sharing time, snack time, etc. Since she does so many projects at school, she was quite content spending a lot of time playing or doing various “academic” activities. Here is what we did:

Phonics: Anna’s interest in independent reading is definitely on the rise. We zoomed through L-blends in Progressive Phonics and proceeded to the first vowel blend ee. She picked the new sound combination very easily and we are half way through ee-book by now. When we read the books with short text on the page, she really tries to match my reading to the words on the page and often asks questions about different words. It’s also hilarious to hear her talking to herself saying, step – the S says sss and the T says tuh and together they say stuh. For whatever reason the Progressive Phonics method really works for her, and I am very happy about her progress.Oct5_Math_SM

Math: Most math happens naturally when we are talking about something. Anna likes to count objects just for fun, and her 1:1 correspondence is pretty good when she applies herself. I picked up this preschool math book in Target $1 section some time ago, and we do a page or two a week. Anna’s logic is pretty funny – she first circles the objects, then she starts making up stories about them. The first set was “trapped” in their circles, and so she drew a ladder to get them out.  Then she saw trains in the second set, and suddenly everything on the page became a car for that train. I like how her imagination carries her quite far away from where she started.

Oct5_Prewriting_SM Prewriting: Anna likes to draw letters more than she likes to draw pictures. She likes her Write-and-Wipe books a lot, I will write about them in a separate post next week. She did a few prewriting tracing sheets, but again she didn’t really try hard with those. Very quickly her tracings turned into some sort of creative drawing/scribbling. I am enjoying this, because I don’t really have any agenda in writing at this point, it’s all just good exercise for those cute little fingers.


Field Trips: Anna was lucky to have some fun adventures this week. We went to Gilroy Gardens on Saturday, and she went to San Jose Children Discovery Museum with the same crew (minus myself) yesterday. She said that the best part of the museum was playing with balls in the wind tunnel, but unfortunately papa left his camera at home.

Science was presented to us by Sid the Science Kid. I wrote a big critical post of it last Saturday, but Anna loves the show. I am warming up to it slowly as well, especially after my daughter informed me that turning food into poop would be irreversible change.

Oct8_Creating Arts and Crafts picked up later in the week, and we actually had two pleasant creative hours on Wednesday and Thursday. We painted in fall colors on Wednesday, and on Thursday we got out the new leaf hole puncher. Anna still doesn’t have strength to punch, but at least she can insert the paper into the puncher. This activity entertained her for a while, and then she had fun just cutting and gluing construction paper together. The leaves were not glued. She called them her baby leaves and said that she is going to get parents from outside tomorrow.

To see what other preschoolers are doing visit Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations.


Elise said...

It's really interesting for me to read your section on phonics. Savanna has started to ask "what does that say?" as in, what does that spell?

I always keep my eye out for activity books like the maths one you mentioned.

It's great to hear that Anna is enjoying preschool.

Ticia said...

I love how she fills out her workbooks. Superman does the same thing, he tells me this big huge story, and he doesn't want to move on to the next things until it is completely and totally colored. That can get a little frustrating at times.

Virginia Lee said...

Don't you just love the weeks where everything flows so smoothly! She sounds like such a creative thinker, that is a wonderful skill. Sometimes I think more important than writing those annoying numbers and letters. =)

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

what a fun week! love the pic of her in the hat! :)

Christy said...

Great week! I love her irreversible change comment - too cute!

Mrs Adept said...

Loved your week. I love how the progressive phonics is working.

My girls don't have the strength to punch their punchies out either. They keep trying though.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh goodness, am I glad to hear Anna is talking about food becoming poop too because I've been quite worried about M's seeming preoccupation with this very thing. It is ALL he wants to talk about as he is EATING. :| Anyway... I love her stories about what she is doing and I'm interested in that link you gave for the pre-writing skills. Great post and sounds like a great week!

Susana said...

You are right. She had a great week! I am impressed with all you got done. She still blows me away with her reading progress! Joe has NO and I mean NO interest in blending!! I try often, but we are no where near this point yet.

LOVE the pic in the hot air balloon.

I'm with you on Sid--hard for me to watch, but Hanna and Joe both love it. Funny about her comment:-). Smart girl, they remember alot, don't they?!

I really enjoyed reading about your week.