Friday, October 23, 2009



This week was even lighter academically than last week. Anna had new toys to play with and too excited to take naps. When she doesn’t take a nap, we only have about an hour and a half between my arrival from work at 5 pm and her dinner/bedtime routine at 6:30 pm. We used this time for opening presents, playing with them, going to the library or playing outside. Anna enjoyed celebrating her birthday at school with her friends. The preschool theme of the week is Autumn. They also do Letter of the Week, which Anna quite enjoys. Current letter is C – they are doing C crafts and collages of C words.

Oct17_Pumpkin Field Trip – Farm. Since my husband is not a big fan of pumpkin patches, we took Anna on the “semi-real” farm. I highly recommend Rancho San Antonio to people who live in Bay Area – it’s a beautiful and easy hiking path, and both parking and farm visit are free of charge. Anna had fun looking at fall harvest that wasn’t picked yet and at various farm animals. Of course, she had to be carried back – 1 mile hike was OK in one direction, but she was all done with walking on the way back.

Oct20_Zoo_SMField Trip – San Francisco Zoo. On Tuesday I took a day off, and we headed to San Francisco Zoo. Again, we were quite lucky with the weather. It was raining on Anna’s birthday, but Tuesday was beautiful and warm, even in SF. The zoo was very empty, and we managed to hit all the highlights in two hours. It helps to have a membership – we don’t feel forced to stay later than we really want to. Anna was not in a good mood – she wanted to ride in her stroller most of the time, and wasn’t particularly interested in any animals, just in the process of moving from one exhibit to another. We, on the other hand, really enjoyed African savannah exhibit – a true highlight of SF zoo.

Busy Body Book

Science. Since we had our fill of Autumn books and crafts already. we stuck with Our Body theme from the last week. Anna asked to read this library book several times and then entertained us with many pearls of wisdom that were always coming quite unexpectedly:

  • When the Wicked Witch died, her start stopped pumping…
  • I have blood all over me, and it’s all red.
  • Mama, do I have muscles in my popo (butt)?
  • What is my brain telling me? It’s telling me that I need some chocolate

If You Hopped

Math. I picked this book from the library quite by accident, and Anna fell in love with it. It’s a very interesting book for older kids and even for adults. It puts things in perspective – what humans could do if they were as strong as an ant, as fast as a spider, etc. Even though most of the material and the math behind it was totally over her head, Anna found the text and the illustrations very fascinating. Who knows maybe she even got a little bit of the math behind the comparisons – she keeps making the funniest remarks about measurements:

I am going to measure my kitty. Look, it fits perfectly into this box. Kitty is one-and-a-half inches long. It even makes sense, at least she is talking about inches and not about minutes :)

Learn Every Day Phonics

Phonics. My parents gave Anna this book of Phonics for her birthday (among many other presents that they sent her). I like the book, it’s a pretty nice phonics curriculum that goes pretty quickly into about second grade. I was always curious to find out what the kids are actually supposed to know by that time. It’s kind of amusing to realize that my freshly made three year old is at the kindergarten level in phonics. Anyway, Anna was excited about the book, and we did a couple of worksheets out of it. We didn’t do anything on Progressive Phonics due to total lack of time and desire on both sides.

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Christy said...

I'm going to look for that book, If YOu Hopped Like a Frog. I think we will enjoy that.

whisperingwhispers said...

What a great week. I want so bad to take Selena to the Zoo over here. We thought about it last summer but the drive just didn't seem interesting.

Mrs Adept said...

I too want to do a zoo trip. The girls would totally love that. We are taking them to see some animals tomorrow.

Virginia Lee said...

What fun "field trips." We had a lighter week with school as well. It is so hard to concentrate when the weather is beautiful and we know it's going to get ugly and stay that way so soon. Good for you all for getting outside and enjoying it all.

MaryAnne said...

Anna looks so sweet in that birthday photo!

We borrowed If You Hopped Like a Frog a while ago, but it was way over my kids' heads. I did think it was an interesting book, though.

My brain tells me that I need chocolate too ;)

Ticia said...

Another measuring book Anna would love, because she could do it with her cat: "Measuring Penny" by Loreen Leedy. The girl goes through and measures her dog with all sorts of different things.
I love her observations about the different people/bodies. My kids have been surprising me with that htis week too.

Cara said...

Love those pearls of wisdom from your daughter! Too funny!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love the picture of her with her cupcake - and I have to say her hair is darling! It sounds like you had another good week with some really fun outings!

Susana said...

I've always wanted to go to the San Fransisco Zoo. You guys have many fun places to go and see out there.

Joe always complains if we go on long walks too:-).

I always enjoy reading about your phonics studies, and, yes, Anna is far above where she "needs" to be!! She's amazing!

Thank you so much for linking up to me. I really appreciate it!

Amber said...

It's so nice to have some "lighter weeks" it keeps us all sane (mommies and kids) - looks like you guys still had a great time with plenty of learning opportunities.

The girl who painted trees said...

We went to the zoo too this week - Zoo Ave in Costa Rica. Mostly birds and monkeys.

We have that book and I agree that she would love Measuring Penny.

I didn't know you lived in San Francisco. My husband is there right now for a business trip - has been for two weeks, but is finally coming home Sunday. Can't wait:)

Adriana said...

We have a zoo membership also. We haven't gone for a while because of all of the rain but we usually go at least once a month.