Friday, October 2, 2009


It was a light week in our school. Anna didn’t take her naps on most days and then she wasn’t too interested in any academic pursuits in the afternoon (unless watching Sid the Science Kid counts as one). Everyday we watched this show, and I will share my opinions about it in tomorrow post. Otherwise she just wanted to play, and then it was time for dinner, night routine and “early retirement”. On the positive note, I had more time for sleep and for good evenings with my husband. Our guests left on Tuesday, and it was nice to have some 1:1 time in the house again. My husband got this hat for Anna, and he is going to make us witch costumes for Halloween. I am looking forward to this, and Anna gets somewhat excited about the holidays too. Here is what we managed to do this week:Sep27_AppleTree4_SM

Arts and Crafts – only one project on The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree. I tried a couple of others, but they all ended in frustration on both sides – Anna wasn’t really interested, and I was too tired and preoccupied with work to prepare for them well. Maybe next week is better in this regard.

Phonics – after crawling through S-blends Anna’s interest in reading program rebounded, and she wanted to read several times and for a relatively long time. So we zoomed through R-blends in three days and moved on to L-blends. Anna definitely gets it and her fluency on familiar words improved significantly. She is often able to read a book title without help, but I have to challenge her to do it. She always asks who wrote the book and who drew the pictures, which follows with inevitable question nowadays, Is it a boy or a girl?


Prewriting. I tried to interest Anna in card writing this week – not in real writing, of course, but in drawing something for her friends who also turn 3. Unfortunately, she was not interested in the least, so I scrapped for the time being my planned Post Office Day. She doesn’t care much for drawing yet, she’d rather make squiggles on the paper pretending to write. I am afraid I’d better get those birthday cards out without her participation, and I will see if I can do Post Office day next week. Unlikely – the next three weeks promise to be really busy at work, so I will probably simply have no energy for that.


Math. I tried to introduce worksheet patterns to Anna and failed yet again. In desperation I pulled out her counting erasers and tried to show her: see – apple, banana, apple, banana? Now, pink, yellow, pink, yellow. What’s next? Suddenly, the light dawned, and she said, This is like a cake! And she spent the next 10 minutes or so building pattern towers with her erasers. When the tower fell, she kept saying, Oh no! It broke my pattern. I also introduced the concept of + sign and =sign to her, because it was in one of the books we read. Strangely, this she took very readily, and could do simple additions with her erasers immediately. I guess it helps being bilingual – mathematical signs to her is just another alphabet to learn, just with a lot less symbols :)

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Susana said...

Yay for light weeks of academic school--that's what we had too!! Although you still accomplished lots in my opinion.

Your husband rocks to make the Halloween costume!

I love reading all that you do with Anna. You had a super week!

whisperingwhispers said...

I am proud of Anna working so hard even though you said you had a light week, you did to quite a bit. Selena struggles with card making too, I have found out if I ask her what she wants her card to say, and write that for her on the card, then she is more relaxed and enjoys drawing and decorating the rest.

Orange Juice said...

wow she is a smart little thing! you are doing wonderful things with her and a great job following her lead but also challenging her as well.
I can't believe your DH is making costumes for you. aren't you lucky! :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love that she decided making patterns was like making a cake - so cute and girlie! I'm still trying to help M understand the whole pattern thing... we aren't getting anywhere really, but that's ok. I love the expressions on her face in each picture - such a cutie!

growingandlearningbyleapsandbounds said...

we had a light week too with my oldest being sick! looks like you had lots of fun :) said...

We're going through that nap transition as well and I am SO not ready for it. Great way to look at it as extra time at night. It's the 5-8 time period that can be so tough!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh I think I will add some pattern work to our classroom soon. Thanks for the reminder:)

Shannon said...

She is so cute!

Looks like a fun week. We had a *really* light week, so much so that I pulled together pics of the unit we did during the summer just so I could post. ;o)

Back to real life next week!

Jolanthe said...

Sounds like she is a 'hands on' girl!! :) Love it when things just 'click' in their little minds and they run with it!!


MaryAnne said...

I'm always very impressed with all of the activities you do with Anna - while working full-time, too! And your husband seems wonderfully creative.

Emma goes through phases where she wants to write cards and phases where she could care less. Like Anna, she frequently prefers to "write" instead of draw - although she is drawing for the first time in a while this week after I suggested drawing pumpkin families.

Crunchy and Green said...

I am always so impressed at the concepts Anna masters and her dedication to keep them going. (I also love that you don't push her if she's not interested.) I admit we've tried AB patterning quite a bit, and M can't seem to grasp it yet. It's good to see Anna got it so readily!

SANDRA said...

We have had our light weeks here too. It is impressive that your daughter is mastering some things beyond her age. I too agree that it is best not to push a child and instead wait until they show signs that they are ready to learn a new concept.