Friday, October 16, 2009


We had a good week. Looking back, it seems that it was sort of light on any formal schooling. We do some of our academic work during weekends when Anna is not tired, but this weekend was quite busy. She was also more interested in pretend play than in academics. That’s fine with me. I am happy that she is happy and that she is thriving in her preschool. We spent a lot of time this week just hanging out, and we watched Wizard of Oz as a family. It was funny how quickly Anna’s dislike of scarecrows disappeared after she saw Wizard of Oz. Now she has zillions of questions about them. Anyway, here is our week in review:

Phonics. We finished ee book of Progressive Phonics and started oo book. Anna didn’t have a lot of interest this week, and I didn’t push her. She won’t find anything new in oo book anyway – she can read short words that end with o like (no, go, so) for a while, and she also knows quite well that oo makes u: sound. When she is in the mood, she “lets on” her knowledge of many sight words, but she always sounds everything out when prompted and then blends it back into the word.


Math. You might ask: what does this picture have to do with math? In fact, cooking is an excellent math and science activity. We measure, mix, change things, and, of course, we count. Anna had a lot of fun helping papa make these cookies and decorating them. We also found out in the process that she sometimes forgets English names for the numbers over 10 and then switches to German numbers. It’s rather funny, because she uses no other German words otherwise even though she understands the language OK.

Science. Anna’s theme at preschool was Human Body, so Human Bodywe read some books about human bodies. I picked up this book at the library, and Anna was fascinated with shining a flashlight through her fingers and watching red blood inside. She played a lot with her doctor kit and is begging for her own flashlight for her birthday. We also watched a couple of Sid the Science Kid episodes about bones and muscles. Anna used to be afraid of skeletons, but she seems to be a lot more at peace with them this Halloween around. She even asked a very logical question after watching Wizard of Oz – How could Scarecrow move if he doesn’t have a brain? The fact that he didn’t have a skeleton either didn’t quite occur to her, since she never touched a real scarecrow yet.


Arts and Crafts. Anna was in the mood for art projects this week. We did Open-Ended Art projects and attempted coloring with pencils to play out “The Crayon Box That Talked”. She is also making a lot of art projects in school – this is one of them. She was very proud of her owl, and now it’s a member of her puppet theater.


What did others do this week? Visit Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.


The Fifth Street Mama said...

I agree about the cooking. Hudson helps me cook a lot. Especially pizza dough and fruit crumble.

whisperingwhispers said...

Cooking is a great way to teach math, and even a little science! I love the Owl Anna made.

Virginia Lee said...

Cooking is one of Caleb's favorite math activities. Nothing better than when you get to eat the results!

Eva said...

That's great that Anna has overcome her dislikes/fears of scarecrows and skeletons, and it's really neat how you showed her you can see the red blood inside by shining a flashlight on her fingers, I'll have to try that out some day with my daughter :D

Booklover1212 said...

I'm thinking I should let Nani do more cooking with me!

Great post!

~ Jennifer

Elise said...

My little girl has not seen the Wizard of Oz yet, but she likes scarecrows because of a song that we sing about them!

Cooking certainly is a fantastic hands on activity for introducing and learning basic mathematical concepts.

Isn't that interesting that Anna resorts to German when counting numbers over 10.

I really enjoyed your previous post on your top 5 toys. We are thinking about getting a play kitchen for Christmas. It was a toss up between this and the doll house for Savvy's third birthday (as you know, we went with the doll house). Savvy spends a lot of time playing with her dollhouse. It really is fascinating and amusing listening to the conversations she makes up between the family members in the house - often they reflect what is happening in her life. Just the other day Savvy said the baby was crying and she said it was crying because she wouldn't eat her egg. That same morning Savvy was upset about eating her egg.

We have similar toys to all of those listed on your list, although like Anna, Savvy and Blakie are not really into toys.

Ticia said...

I actually remember a math assignment in 5th grade to double a cookie recipe and having to do all the math. So, yes cooking is a great math skill, and it's one everyone enjoys.
Fun week, I still continue to be amazed at her reading skills. said...

Cooking really is a great way to incorporate so many lessons. I need to do that more often!

Susana said...

I love what you did with your math in the kitchen this week. So fun!!

I like the Science book you used for the human body too.

You had a fun week of learning!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I highly recommend a flashlight for her - kids love them for some reason - M has his out all the time, it makes for a lot of easy amusement for us grownups watching him walk around with his flashlight. :) You did so many great things, and I am jealous that your husband bakes!! You have a very creative family!

Jolanthe said...

Cooking is a GREAT math activity - and how funny that she switches to German!! :)