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My almost 3 year old does not enjoy monsters, but even she couldn’t resist a non-scary monster book and some monster making before Halloween. In this post I will share our monster, plus another 9 amazing monster ideas from Kid Blogger Network bloggers.
10 Amazing Monster Ideas for Preschoolers This post has been updated on September 9, 2014 with new graphics and round up links. Disclosure:I am an Amazon associate and this post contains affiliate links. For full disclosure, please click here and thank you for supporting my blog!

A Halloween Book That Teaches Math

Monster Musical Chairs
I am a big fan of MathStart series – it introduces basic math concepts to children in a fun and playful way, and it levels up rather gracefully. Monster Musical Chairs by Stuart J. Murphy introduces counting down concept through a game of musical chairs where 6 monsters are eliminated from the game one by one. Even though my daughter is not a fan of monsters or other otherwordly creatures, she couldn’t resist these cute monsters, enjoyed the story and replayed it on her own. I will keep the same counting down approach to introduce 10 amazing monster ideas that can extend this story.

10. Make-Your-Own-Monster With Stickers

We went the lazy route in our house. I found this “Make a Monster” set at $1 section of Target and regretted bitterly a few days later that I only got one. These sets would make a perfect party favor for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. They were a great value – with four monster outlines, a sticker sheet with “monster parts”, googly eyes and Smarty’s favorite item of late – glitter glue. Smarty dug into this project with unusual enthusiasm, and it was really the perfect art activity for a 3 year old child – just enough variety to make it open-ended, and not too overwhelming to frustrate her. It was also a perfect project for me – no preparation required and only very minimal cleanup needed. Smarty actually gave a lot of thoughts to her monsters and ended up making all four of them at once. She was very proud of the result.

9. Decorate a Stuffed Monster Softie

If you are crafty, you can whip up a monster softie for your preschoolers using a free pattern from Mama Smiles and have your children decorate it. I think even my monster-hating daughter would love this cutie (in fact, she does have a similar one knitted by my Mom’s friend).
Monster Softie from Mama Smiles

8. Play Dough Monsters

Play dough is a perfect monster building material, especially when glitter, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners are added to enrich play dough creation. The Imagination Tree shares dough monsters created by her young daughters that are very similar to our play dough monsters (unfortunately, I failed to snap pictures of them!)
play dough monsters from The Imagination Tree

7. TP Roll Monsters (Loo Monsters)

It’s amazing what a modest toilet paper roll can transform itself into in the right hands. Red Ted Art certainly has the magic touch to turn TP rolls into fantastic loo roll monsters.
Loo Monsters from Red Ted Art

6. Rock Monsters

Red Ted Art (again!) also offered another monster art idea for preschoolers – rock monsters. All you need is paint, rock, and googly eyes. However… you can get spooky and paint your rocks with glowing paint creating glowing stone eyes – such a brilliant idea!
Glowing Stone Eyes from Red Ted Art

5. Cookie Monsters

Monsters that you can eat? Count every preschooler in, especially if they are presented with colorful icing and candy eyes. These easy monster cookies from Red Ted Art (yes, yet again!) are easy indeed, and cookies could be made in advance, so eager decorators can jump right into monster making.
Monster Cookies from Red Ted Art

4. Mix and Match Felt Monsters

My daughter made “fixed” monsters with her monster cards, but And Next Comes L took the same idea of moving parts to the next level with felt monster shapes that children can mix and match to their hearts’ content.
Mix and Match Felt Monsters from And Next Comes L

3. Organic Shape Monsters

Organic shape monsters is a terrific creative idea for kids age 4 and older from Our Art Lately. Arrange a yarn into a shape and let their imaginations go wild. It could be a fun evening project to do for the whole family.
Organic Shape Monsters from Our Art Lately

2. Craft Yarn Monsters

Good things come to people who are not afraid of messy art. They get to make yarn monsters like these ones from Hands On As We Grow.
Yarn Monsters from Hands On As We Grow

1. Apple Monsters

The #1 on my own WOW list – amazing edible apple monsters from Kids Activities Blog. Want one now! Will be making one soon!
Apple Monster Faces from Kids Activities Blog

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Your Turn

Which of these 10 ideas is your favorite? Or do you have your own?


Adriana said...

I have never heard of those books. I will check them out. The monsters turned out very cute! I wonder if my Target still has them...

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

A new book to add to our library list for next week. Great open art activity...I hope my Target still has these!

Christy said...

I love Target. I haven't seen these in the store but they are so cute. The good stuff in the dollar spot never lasts long. I haven't read this book but I know my kids would love it. We didn't get to our stArt project this week.

MaryAnne said...

Those are some very cute monsters that Anna made!

Ticia said...

I haven't seen those monster sets at our Target, I'm so jealous!
I love Monster Musical Chairs, it is so cute, and has such a great beat. I think it's my favorite Math Start book. Another similar book (not M.S.) is Ten in a Bed, I found it at Lakeshore. And it's the Ten in a Bed song with monsters, so cute!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Her monsters are fantastic!! I got the very, very last monster kit at Target this past week. Can't wait to give it to Matthew!

Katy said...

Awesome monsters! What a fun craft!

Michelle said...

I love those books and what a great project to go with it! Thanks for linking up :0)

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

I love these perfectly silly and not-at-all-scary monsters!

Anonymous said...

These are great monsters! So cute!

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