Thursday, September 3, 2009

By popular request I have decided to make this post a weekly linky on my blog. Please feel free to link to me and share “books of the week” for your children of any age.

This reading week was somewhat eclectic. We started our reading week on the East Coast, continued on the plane, revisited the books that we had at home, and then I finally stopped at the library for some new books. Generally our reading theme this week was “school” and “friendship”, but it’s hard to gather from this sample of books that we had this week.

First Experiences

I got this book for Anna at Paperback Swap shortly before our departure. I love Usborne books in general – they are always well illustrated and of good quality. This one is a wonderful collection of short stories preparing young children for new experiences – new baby, going to the hospital, etc. I actually got it because it had a very nice story about going on a plane, but Anna’s favorite right now is going to the hospital and going to the dentist. I also have good things to say about Paperback Swap – the book was in perfect condition, and I am very happy to add it to our home library.Cinderella

I got this book for Anna at the sale that was going on at my parents’ library. It was 50 cents, and Anna really liked the movie (the first and only Disney movie she has watched so far). My husband thinks that all books that are made for Disney movies are horrible and overall I agree. But this one is part of a Golden Book Series, and I liked it. The focus of the story is Cinderella and not her animal friends. Anna had everyone read this book to her, and I read it on the plane at least 5 times. Now you know why I tucked it away for now – I just can’t bear the thought of reading it again any time soon :)

Arthur in New York

If you recall, I planned to visit New York City with Anna and have a proper New York theme for a week. However, the heat wave prevented us from executing on it. We did read some New York books that I checked out from the library, but most of them were way above Anna’s comprehension level. However, she was quite happy with this one, and I recommend it for parents who are planning to visit The Big Apple with a set under 5. After reading this book about a dozen times, Anna was able to correctly (and without prompting) identify The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and, strangely, Brooklyn Bridge, in another book about New York that we read.Franklin New Friend

We started reading Franklin’s series in New Jersey, and we both like the stories. This one nicely combines two ongoing topics of this week – making friends and school life. This book has an easy story line, and Anna can connect well to the situation. Franklin has a new neighbor who appears very big and even scary. Franklin doesn’t like him at first, but then they become good friends. It seems that Anna took this lesson to heart and is more willing to connect to her new friends in preschool, at least for the time being.

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b said...

great idea! i've been following your blog for a while. glad to be able to link up!

S said...

LOL at hiding Cinderella. I know exactly what you mean!

Susana said...

This is a great idea! How long will the linky be open? I want to participate weekly, but need to work this into my "post rotation" schedule:-). (Now that sounded ridiculous!)

Ticia said...

That must mean Well Read Child is no longer hosting. I was wondering what happened to it last week. I'm so glad you started hosting it.
I'll be putting my post up later today, if I"m lucky.

Ticia said...

Oh, and I've hidden quite a few books. Most notable "The Grouchy Ladybug," or made my husband read it to them.

Susana said...

I will be back tomorrow to link up:-).

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I'm so glad you are doing this! And I have to say there has been more than one time that I've been thankful that M is a boy simply so we don't have to go through a "Disney Princess Stage." LOL! I always enjoy these posts of yours - you give us such great ideas for our library trips!