Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As you recall, I plan to actually reduce our preschool activities at home to give Anna more time for free play and to give more time to myself to get things done. Still, I like to have some overview of what we want to accomplish this month.

Phonics – we will move to Intermediate Phonics in Progressive Phonics. I plan to cover three books in Septmeber – th,sh,ch blends, s-blends and r-blends.

Social Studies – we will work on seasons, harvest and trees. It might be a little early here, because some of our trees don’t change at all and others change colors later, but maybe she will understand it better when we get to see autumn colors later in the year.

Reading – we don’t have a predefined program considering that she usually consumes 10-20 books every week. I will definitely get theme-related books from the library, but the rest will be mostly based on our favorite authors – right now Elmer stories by David McKee definitely rule in the house.

Math – I admit I am stumped here. Anna knows numbers from 1 to 10 perfectly well and can count objects well. She is bored with the things I tried for her – transfer activities, placing certain numbers of objects on the board, etc. Where do I go from here? One thing that I really want to make for her this month is a geoboard. I think it’s something that she will really enjoy.

Pre-writing. We will continue “mazes” – that’s how Anna calls her Kumon’s book of tracing. She really gets better with it every day. I will give her a lot of chances to draw and scribble. I also want to make a mailbox for her like the one I’ve seen on No Time for Flashcards. I hope that it will give her desire to write letters and postcards to her grandparents.

Field Trips. I would like to take her to Gilroy Gardens again – she enjoyed it so much first time around. And I would love to go to a farm – the challenge is to convince papa that it’s a good idea :)

Virtues. Friendship – how we make and keep friends. I am glad to see that Anna seems to make progress here, even though she still very much prefers to play by herself. I hope that her preschool will also help her understand the value of friends, and we will focus on books and friendly behavior.

Arts and Crafts. We will do some themed projects, I hope, and I also hope to participate in Open-Ended Art with Teaching My Little Bookworm and in StArt with A Mommy’s Adventures.

Happy teaching!


SANDRA said...

I like your plans for social studies. I need to work on ideas for some seasonal themes for my youngest.

I do plan on participating with Shannon's open ended art at her blog.

Christy said...

Your plans sound great. You do a great job organizing your ideas.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I agree, you are just so organized. I love to read your plans. Wanna come organize me and teach my kid?? LOL :) I'm really looking forward to hearing how things go. We will also be doing an Autumn theme. I've got enough ideas to last 2 months I think!

Susana said...

I love your ideas about virtues.

I am checking out stART--looks fun! Can I fit it in? Hope so:-).

I don't know what to say about the math for Anna. You find something good for this age and pass it on to me for Jack soon:-).

whisperingwhispers said...

With Selena, we do a lot of our math while playing tea party, or using a measuring cup and bowl during bath time. During playing tea party, we use the snacks to do simple addition and subtraction by counting the snacks, eating one and recounting...or by passing them out counting them as we go. With the measuring cup, we count how many cups it takes to fill different size bowls with water, I swap out the size of bowl or measuring cup so it's not always the same. She has also enjoyed using a regular deck of cards, and counts the hearts or diamonds on two cards to come up with how many hearts she has, then finds the corresponding number...such as a three card and a four card then finds the seven card. We also play Dominos...she loves that and counts the dots on the domino.

Ticia said...

It's funny I've always thought of seasons as a science subject.
As to math things to teach her: patterns (square circle square circle, and get more complicated from there). Start working on counting higher. Shapes, identify different shapes talk about why they're different, how they're the same.
Classification of things. You could do simple graphs.

MaryAnne said...

Wow, you are so organized! This sounds like an excellent preschool enrichment curriculum. I had the same thought as Ticia about seasons being science and doing higher numbers and shapes for math. She could even do some basic fractions using shapes - the pattern blocks you mentioned in a comment on my blog that you just got are great for that. Or you could just leave math alone for a while, since it sounds as if she is already quite advanced for her age in that area and she will probably do some math-related work in preschool. Maybe substitute in some simple science experiments (food coloring, weighing objects, simple cooking) or engineering (building towers with blocks, etc)?