Friday, September 25, 2009

It was a much better week in our school… probably because we did a lot less of it. I tried to go with the flow as much as possible, and have some short activities that Anna enjoys – tracing sheets, connect-the-dots, her counting erasers and tangram puzzle. We also have visitors in the house – a German friend who used to live here came over to visit with his new girlfriend. They will stay with us for one week. It’s great, because Anna gets more exposure to German language. She definitely doesn’t have the same expressive or receptive vocabulary in German as she does in English, but my husband brought some DVDs of Dora the Explorer in German from his August trip, and they watch those episodes together. I can see that Anna’s interest picked up again, and she constantly asks me about different words and asks what they will be in German and in Russian.Sep22_LetterI_SM
Phonics and prewriting. We managed to finally finish S-blends in Progressive Phonics even though I cut down our sessions to three times a week. It’s going well, but Anna always resists on practice pages that go over previous materials, because they are now almost all red (meaning that she is supposed to read the whole page by herself), and seem overwhelming to her. She can read a lot of words now if she is interested – some from sight, some by phonics rules. I am pleased with her progress. She was also very excited when I gave her a tracing sheet for the letter I when we had our ice cream day. She is very interested in forming letters, but still does it more like pictures and ignores my explanations about directions. Oh well, I don’t really plan to pursue it until she is closer to four anyway.
Sep21_ColorMixing1_SM Science and Social Studies. We did a color mixing project, read a lot of fall books and had some interesting conversations about the world around us. I explained to Anna that in the place where we live some trees don’t get bare, and we also don’t get snow. She was very concerned. She said that she would love to get dressed very warmly and play in the snow and see Santa Claus. Maybe we will go to the Sierras this year to fulfill her wish. I admit that it’s nice to start pulling the Santa card in September by reminding her that Santa only comes to the girls and boys who don’t whine and put away their toys cheerfully when asked :)
Sep23_SMArts and Crafts. We did only one small project this week, but Anna brought several completed paintings home from her preschool, and I realized that she’d been quite busy with arts and crafts there. I really like the school, they seem to have a very nice program that is balanced between guided activities and free play. Unfortunately, she couldn’t explain to me how exactly she did those projects, but one appeared to be some sort of experiment with cars or maybe marbles in the paint and another one is a sponge painting. I am really excited that she gets to do all those projects. I quite like them as an experience, but cannot stand the mess at home :)
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whisperingwhispers said...

I am so glad things went smoother for you and Anna this week. I love the concentration on her face as she squeezes the glue from the bottle!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh she looks so cute in her little paint apron. How wonderful that she is picking up other languages. that is amazing. (note to to self I will not compare my child to Anna :))

Virginia Lee said...

Looks like you all had a good week. I especially liked the color mixing experiment and the branch with the leaves. Isn't this time of year so much fun!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I'm glad she is still enjoying her new preschool and gets to do a lot of art there (nothing is better for those little brains than lots of art time!). She has progressed so far in reading - it's truly astounding - and she isn't even 3 yet! I'm glad you enjoyed your time together this week!! She is such a precious little girl - I always love to see the pictures you've taken each week. :)

Christy said...

Cute photos. I'm glad you had a good week. We are still adjusting to our new routine.

Mrs Adept said...

Some days it is difficult with the mess that the crafts make. That's why I only try to do painting once a week. :)

Susana said...

I'm glad to hear you had a better week. Our week has been good, but crazy:-).

I would love to hear more about your ice cream day.

I always loved seeing what art projects Hanna would bring home each week from her preschool--they did some awesome ones and had a great after school art program too.

Anna is doing so well Natalie--you should be proud!

Susana said...

Just found your ice cream day post:-). Missed the link and the post earlier this week.

LOVE this idea!!

Orange Juice said...

glad things are getting better.
How amazing that you are working with her on languages and that you can do it so naturally. She's a very lucky girl.

You're so funny about the messes! :)

Jolanthe said...

Someday soon we need to do color mixing too! :) And Progressive Phonics is on my list of sites to check out soon, now that we have a computer upstairs for the kids and I can help out and be nearby.

Thanks for joining up!