Friday, September 4, 2009


This preschool week will start with my favorite picture of the week :) It was somewhat of a slow week, since we are still adjusting to our life at home and to our new preschool. Anna still doesn’t want to go in the morning, but at least she is not crying and has a good time once she is there. She never wants to go outside during outside play, but it’s normal with her. Once she plays with all the new toys, she will be more interested. Papa and Anna were also getting back into our morning routine and into new schedule. Fortunately, Anna’s 3-person playgroup which she had pretty much since birth will be moved to Thursdays now. This playgroup has all stay-at-home dads, and Anna really likes the other two kids. I am glad that she will still be able to see them regularly.

Reading. We definitely didn’t slack there. I’ve been to the library twice since we came back. See here for our favorite books of the week and link up yours if you would like.

Phonics. I managed to find 30 minutes for Progressive Phonics every evening. I hope to make it a routine – first we read books together, then we “play reading games”, then we do something fun. We were doing the first book in Intermediate Series this week – Sh, Th and Ch sounds. Anna did really well with sh and ch, but she continues to stumble on th sound. Perhaps it’s because this sound is not as easy for her to pronounce. On the other hand, she can’t really pronounce sh either, but she can read it fine. We will do more practice with th sound over the weekend.

Math. We did a few pages from our Care Bears Thinking Skills workbook and read one book of MathStart – Missing Mittens. It was supposed to teach the concepts of “odd” and “even”, but I don’t think that Anna got anything out of this book, except enjoyment over the goat eating mittens. Thank you for everyone who gave me advice on what I can do around math. I like the suggestion from WhispersWhispering best – domino and card games. I think Anna learns math best through manipulatives and every day exposures, not so much through any formal program.


Prewriting. Anna really likes to doodle now and play her own “connect-the-dots” game. She will randomly place dots on her drawing surface and then draws the line connecting them. She didn’t do many “meaningful” pictures this week, but it’s completely OK with me. She was always asking every day for her “mazes” – pages from Kumon’s First Book of Tracing. I was scanning them first, but now I started to dismembering the book and putting the pages into page protectors, so she can reuse them. Once she is done with all the pages, we might move on to real book of Easy Mazes – it’s on my Wish List for her birthday.

Sep2_AllAboutMe_SM Arts and Crafts. We had a lot of fun participating in an Open-Ended Art Carnival this week, even though our results ended up to be a play food rather than mosaic. Anna has “All About Me” topic in preschool, and I decided to complement it at home by doing “All About Me” book. Unfortunately, she didn’t care about even trying to color the girl on the cover, as you can see very well in the picture. I also discovered that while she was cutting perfectly well in NJ, she couldn’t do anything with her plastic scissors here and was getting very frustrated. Time for “big girl” scissors with metal blades (and blunt tips) – she proved that she is ready for them.

Science and Social Studies. Not a whole lot happened here, but we definitely discussed a lot of things casually – for example, how food moves in our stomach, how planes work, etc. The funny exchange happened yesterday. I was reading one of my favorite blogs – Our Homeschool Fun. Anna climbed on my lap, pointed to the picture of Joe and said happily, This is me! Then she saw a little sidebar with an unborn baby floating in the bubble and was very intrigued. She asked, Why is this baby floating and turning? I explained to her that unborn babies are floating in the bubble of special water in mommy’s tummy. She wanted to know if they breathe water like fish. So in a way just a picture can lead to the whole biology lesson. Fortunately, she didn’t ask infamous “Bees and Flowers” question – she is quite content with knowing that children come from mommies’ bellies when they are ready. She doesn’t question how they got into the tummy in the first place yet.

To see what others are doing, visit Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations. Our next week’s topic is Seasons.


Ticia said...

I love showing my kids other blogs. There's some great nature blogs that I use to show them things we don't have here.

Susana said...

I love reading all that you do with Anna and her reading program. She is such a smart girl. I agree with you in the area of math manipulatives vs. a formal program--that is the direction I have taken with Joe, along with workbooks such as Kumon.

I am very touched to hear of the coversations Joe and Jesse both prompted between yourself and Anna yesterday. We have those moments too and they are both special and educational to me.

You are such a great mom!

Valerie said...

Wow, you have been really busy! I love this post because you have so many ideas! Anna is so lucky!!

Our Little Family said...

You are truly Super Mom. Seriously, I always love reading everything you and Anna do together. She is such a smart girl and you are such a special mom.

That's interesting about the MathStart book series. I have MANY of these in our garage, back from my teaching days. Oddly enough, I never used them while teaching and really aren't even familiar with them. I'll have to get them out and see what's in there!

MaryAnne said...

You are a super mom, I can't believe how many activities you do with Anna on top of working full time!

I love Anna's questions about baby Jesse from Our Homeschool Fun. Emma talks about babies in tummies a lot (since we had one there recently), but she doesn't question how the baby gets in there either.

Kylie said...

Wow what a huge week, she is a very clever little girl. YOu do so much her, well done. :)

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Didn't you say at the beginning of your post that you are just getting back into the swing of things at your house? You did an amazing job with teaching this week. Awesome!

whisperingwhispers said...

I love reading about everything you are doing with Anna.

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

two times at the library already! great job!!

Dont worry about Anna not liking school yet, she is just getting used to be away from you.

I really recommend reading "Llama Llama Misses Mama".. its about a llama who starts his first day of school and all the different things he does and feels on his first day of school. I will probably be doing a review on it this weekend if I can find the time. I used the book when deen started playschool and he related so much to the book and got to explain his fears.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I just can't imagine how you find the time to do so much with Anna on top of working full time! You are making me tired, lol! Great job, and it sounds like she responds so well to everything. I have to keep a lot of these ideas in mind for when I start doing more structured preschool lessons with M. Great post!

Jolanthe said...

Putting the Kumon pages into page protectors is a great idea!! I'm going to have to do that!!

Well...all but the cutting ones {grins}.