Tuesday, September 8, 2009

June25_Shelves2_SM Teaching My Little Bookworm is talking about Art Corners this week. I am very curious to take a peek at other people’s corners, because we are still trying to figure out what will work for us. We don’t have a separate family room. Our eat-in kitchen also serves as a family room, and that’s where Anna does most of her projects. If the weather cooperates (and it usually does in Silicon Valley), we do messier projects outside. A while back my husband has put together this art corner to keep most of the art supplies that are in use most often – crayons, scrap paper, collage box with scissors, magazine pages and stickers, play-doh, etc. Aug20_OEA_1_SM Anna still requires help getting into the boxes, and I am not thrilled about it. It seemed to me that she did a lot more self-guided art projects when we were visiting my parents in New Jersey. They converted their side table in the living room into her temporary art center, and she had access to markers, scissors, etc. Previously my husband was not very willing to set up an open-ended area, but I shared my observations, and now we are thinking of making a corner where you can spot a play kitchen into an art corner where she would have a table of her size with art supplies that she can access at any time. We might be able to do it for her birthday if we figure out where to move her kitchen. I hope that we will get it done and also reorganize our “workbox" space as we go along. I won’t write about that now, because I half expect a separate topic about it soon :)


Susana said...

Good luck on getting your supplies and area set up for Anna's birthday. I hope it works out and makes it easier for all of you!

I wish you well in your workbox area too:-)! I know you will figure it all out beautifully!!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

can't wait to read more about how your art corner comes along! I like your organized craft bins!

keep us posted on how it comes along!

we have art areas everywhere :) so i know how hard it can be to decide what to do!

Cathy said...

I really struggle with our "art center" too because I have trouble keeping Sophia (1 yr) out of Marcus's (2 yr) things.

Our current art center is in our kitchen because it has laminate floors which are the easiest to clean. At all times, we have an easel out. One one side is a chalk board with large sidewalk chalks and erasers. And on the other side is a roll of papers and I keep crayons out. (I tie the chalk and crayons to the easel with string to keep Sophia from dragging them out of the room and losing them.)

Then, I keep all of the other art supplies up in a cabinet in our kitchen that I have cleared out. Just because I usually like to supervise if he is working with paint, glue, or scissors.

We paint on our easel or at the table with paint brushes. Finger painting, I do outside. (We have a deck right off of our kitchen.)

I too dream of an open ended, dedicated, art area where the kids can just go and create. Right now we are lacking the room. :( Wish I could talk my husband into selling his gym equipment. LOL

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I would love to have a great space for M to do what he wants, when he wants too. It just isn't happening here either. Something simple, like a tub or two of materials I could set out for him every morning would probably work better for us than a permanent spot for it since our home is so small. I think it sounds like a wonderful birthday gift for Anna - she will love it! I hope you are able to get it done the way you want it and that she will happily be doing art all the time! :) Good luck!

whisperingwhispers said...

We sit in a situation that I do not have room for even a small desk for Selena, she does all her work at our dining room table in her booster seat. All her school and art supplies are in two bins that she can not get into without my assistance. I just do not have anymore space in our tiny house. We would like to move to a larger house where maybe I can set up more of a school area for her.

Our Little Family said...

I love the idea of having a small art corner set up for her, so that she can access things when she wants. I leave out markers, crayons, stamps and paper for Maddie on her little table (which is in the kitchen) and it's interesting to watch her interact with it. Somedays, she can't get enough and other days, she'll actually move the baskets to the floor, just to get them out of her way. Ha!

And, can I just say how awesome your parents are for setting up an art space in their home?! How neat and special that it was there when she was visiting!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

i dont have an art corner as yet either... space is too small here (but we will be moving into a house next year so hopefully then)

I cant wait to see how your art corner looks when ready