Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds has a linky about Learning Corners. The topic for today is our favorite learning corner. Well, we don’t have a dedicated learning corner, since we are not really homeschooling. We read books in Anna’s room, do Progressive Phonics on the couch in our living room, most of quick projects happen in our eat-in kitchen that also doubles as our family room, and we take our messier projects outside to our backyard. I would say that backyard is my favorite, because it’s really easy to switch from working to playing and back and because we are doing the best of our creative activities there. This table doubles as our painting table, our nature table, our science table, etc. Anna’s playhouse is right next to it, so sometimes she comes up with the ideas for the objects that we are creating that are linked to her favorite game of the moment or to something that she can use inside the playhouse. We are lucky to live in a sunny and dry place, so we can use this outside place practically all year round (especially after we will fix the soggy ground in this corner of the backyard).


whisperingwhispers said...

Isn't it great to let them be creative outside where they can truly be themselves. I love the way Anna incorporates her play into her creativity!

Susana said...

We move around too in our learning. I would love to have your climate though:-) for more comfortable weather year round!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

We move around in our home too - depends on what we feel like that day! When we are outside I normally let Matthew have totally free time to do what he wants (much of which turns into a learning experience). We love doing art outside too, but time is running out quickly for that here in MN!