Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Keri at The Home Teacher has enlightened me in the beginning of September that today is an International Ice Cream Day. Apparently ice cream cone was invented on this day in 1903. Well, we are enjoying our annual September heat wave right now. The temperatures are staying at 90+, and our A/C is working all the time. Besides, after all, today is the unique day between summer and fall – technically fall started at about 2 pm our time here. So we decided to stick with summer today celebrated an Ice Cream Day. There is nothing that can cheer up a cranky toddler as a big bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Sep22_IceCreamCraft_SM I am ashamed to admit, but I don’t think that Anna has ever eaten a proper ice cream cone – we don’t buy ice cream from the ice cream truck (yet), and we eat it from the bowls at home. So she was somewhat confused by this craft project. She couldn’t understand why this “ice cream man” doesn’t have legs and why the craft kit came with three scoops and not one. Anyway, she did a pretty good job independently putting it together and then giving it a full head of hair. She started to make up a story about an ice cream man, but unfortunately, I accidentally spilled a cup of water on her project, so we had to shift gears at this point and head out to the library. I looked up a couple of books about ice cream on Amazon, but our library didn’t have any of them, so maybe we will take another shot at book-supported ice cream day at some point in time. I don’t think Anna will mind it at all – we both enjoyed our ice cream afternoon.


whisperingwhispers said...

That is news to me about icecream cone day. Selena loves icecream cones. Great Job Anna!

Michelle said...

Anna is so cute, and I love your post, but brrr, makes me cold thinking of ice cream! So nice that you had warm weather to enjoy your ice cream!

Ticia said...

ha ha ha ha ha....... We're having a random cool wave here, and it's 60 to go with the rain.

The ice cream man is cute. It's a shame you guys don't have Dairy Queen, that's how my kids discovered ice cream cones.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Man, I wish I would've know about ice cream day - that is something I could celebrate every day! M too! :) I love your post - she is just so funny, I love that she gave him a full head of hair. It will all come together for her someday. Honestly, I'm not sure whether or not M has ever had an ice cream cone either.

Susana said...

This is so much fun!

OK, I can't imagine no ice cream. Next to chocolate, it's my favorite thing to eat hands down:-)!!